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JESUS: Gospels & Paintings
Montparnasse Multimedia

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Format: CD-Rom.
ISBN: 000000010-6
Publisher: Montparnasse Multimedia
Pub. Date: 1997

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From The Publisher:

Discover the life of Jesus through the Scriptures and the greatest masterpieces of Western art. Twelve great moments in the life of Christ allow you to voyage through 100 scenes taken from the four Gospels.

Walk with John the Baptist, accompany Mary and Joseph on the flight into Egypt. Follow Matthew, Mark, Luke and John into the temple of Jerusalem, Bethany, or into Galilee.

Go in search of the people Jesus met — Mary Magdalene, Lazarus, Judas, Pilate. Discover the places where he walked — Nazareth, Bethlehem, Sea of Galilee, those symbols which accompanied his words and deeds - bread, water and wine. Learn about Christ's words which have entered into our everyday language: to separate the wheat from the chaff, to throw the first stone...

Titian, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Velasquez, Rembrandt, Gauguin reveal their visions of Jesus's birth, death, and resurrection. In-depth commentaries analyze the paintings by these masters from both a religious and secular point of view.

Access the complete text of the four Gospels, explained and analyzed. Understand their similarities and their differences with the help of a synopsis. The music of Vivaldi, Berlioz, Mozart, and others will accompany you on this magnificent voyage.

  • 100 animated sequences taken from the four gospels
  • 100 analytical commentaries of each scene
  • 100 characters, symbols, places, and speeches exhaustively analyzed
  • 160 biographies of painters with analyses of artistic trends
  • 310 masterpieces of Western art


PC and compatibles

A multimedia PC or compatible (MPC) with a 486 DX2 microprocessor or superior. 8 M of RAM (16 M recommended). A double-speed CD-ROM player. A 16-bit Windows compatible sound card, a VGA screen with 256 colors (thousands of colors recommended), a mouse. Microsoftฎ Windows™ 3.1 or superior. Autoplay Windows 95.

MAC and compatibles

A Macintosh with a 68040 processor at 33 MHz or a PowerMac. At least a 13-inch screen with 256 colors (thousands of colors recommended), 5.2 Mo of RAM available for the application, System 7 or superior, a double-speed CD-ROM player. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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