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The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible
Edited by J. W. Rogerson

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Format: Hardcover, 416pp.
ISBN: 0198601182
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Pub. Date: April 2001

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From The Publisher:

A richly illustrated history of the Bible's origins and how the Bible has been interpreted over the past two millennia.

Here is the story of a book--the Bible--a book like no other, which has been in continuous use for nearly 2000 years. In this new Oxford history, a distinguished team of scholars presents an authoritative account of that story, richly illustrated, and based on the latest research.

Readers will learn how a collection of writings in Semitic languages and in Greek--writings that we now call the Books of the Bible--developed over a period of about 800 years and how, even before the Bible existed as one volume, its constituent parts were interpreted and subjected to a scrutiny that no other writing has had to endure. The contributors trace the routes by which the canon of Scripture was determined, shedding light on the many controversies over which writings should be regarded as authoritative and which should be considered Apocrypha and hidden from public use. They describe how over centuries the writings were copied, translated, and printed, and how they were interpreted in Judaism and in the churches in the East and West. It concludes with surveys of how the Bible is used today in feminist criticism, and in the movements for theological liberation in Latin America, Africa, and Europe. The volume also features an index and a guide to further reading.

Written by an international team of 17 renowned biblical scholars, and handsomely illustrated with over 150 black-and-white illustrations and 24 pages of color plates, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible is an essential resource for everyone interested in the origin and interpretation of the Word of God.


Many people are familiar with the concept of "biblical history," but they are less acquainted with the notion that the Bible itself has a history. In The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible, readers will not discover maps of biblical times or charts of the first kings of Israel. They will instead find a detailed series of essays about the canonization process (how these particular books, letters and histories found their way into the Good Book), articles on the study of the Bible through the ages, information about various translations and sections on contemporary approaches to the Bible, including feminist and liberation theologies. Oxford reference books are nothing if not thorough, and this is no exception. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

readers index
Reader's Index

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About the Author

John Rogerson is Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield, where he was Head of Department for 15 years. He is author of An Introduction to the Bible, Atlas of the Bible, The Old Testament World (with Philip Davies), and Chronicle of the Old Testament Kings.

Table of Contents

Introduction, John Rogerson
The Making of the Bible: The Historical Background
1. The Old Testament, John Rogerson
2. The Apocrypha, Philip Davies
3. The New Testament, Margaret Davies
The Making of the Bible: Text and Translation
4. The Hebrew Bible, Geoffrey Khan
5. The Apocrypha, Philip Davies
6. The New Testament, David Parker
7. Modern Translations, Stanley E. Porter
The Study and Use of the Bible
Preface, John Rogerson
8. The Early Church, Henning Graf Reventlow
9. The Middle Ages to the Reformation, G. R. Evans
10. The Reformation to 1700, David Wright
11. 1700 to the Present, Ronald Clements
12. The Eastern Churches, George Bebawi
13. The Bible in Judaism, Philip Alexander
14. The Bible in Literature, David Jasper
Contemporary Interpretation
Preface, John Rogerson
15. Feminist Scholarship, Yvonne Sherwood
16a. Liberation Theology: Latin America, M. Daniel Carroll R.
16b. Liberation Theology: Africa, Gerald West
16c. Liberation Theology: Europe, Luise Schottroff
Epilogue, John Rogerson
Further Reading
Acknowledgement of Sources

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