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Remembering Jesus: Christian Community, Scripture, and the Moral Life
Allen Verhey

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Format: Paperback , 526pp.
ISBN: 9780802831316
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: August 30, 2005

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Item No: 9780802831316

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From The Publisher:

In the past decade many Christians have embraced the "What Would Jesus Do?" campaign, which encourages them to base their decisions and actions on this question. Allen Verhey's Remembering Jesus takes a serious look at what Jesus really said and did and applies it to contemporary Christian ethics.

Verhey asserts that following Jesus requires remembering him, and in order to remember Jesus, Christians must read and understand Scripture, where the memory of Jesus is found. By remembering Jesus, this book contributes to the effort of Christians to discern the shape and style of life "worthy of the gospel." More specifically, this book displays the implications of Christian integrity for sexual, medical, economic, and political ethics, seeking to understand what Jesus would really have to say about these issues today.

About the Author

Allen Verhey is the Evert J. and Hattie E. Blekkink Professor of Religion and chair of the Department of Religion at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments and Dedicationx
Part 1Choices, Churches, and Scripture
A Continuing Tradition of Discourse and Discernment
Introduction: Ethics "by Way of Reminder"3
1."Able to Instruct One Another": The Early Church as a Community of Moral Discourse14
2."Able to Instruct One Another" Still: The Continuing Church as a Moral Discourse34
3."Useful...for Training in Righteousness": Scripture, Churches, and the Moral Life49
Part 2Remembering Jesus in the Strange World of Sickness
A Continuing Tradition of Care for the Suffering
4."Disciples of the Saving Christ" in Sickness and in Healing79
5.Remembering Jesus in the Strange World of Sickness92
6.Remembering the Early Church Remembering Jesus in the Strange World of Sickness117
7.The Strange World of Sickness Today: Toward a Watchful Medicine A Continuing Tradition of Care for the Suffering133
Part 3Remembering Jesus in Gilead
A Continuing Tradition of Liberation and Chastity
8.The Handmaid's Tale of Gilead157
9.Remembering Jesus: The Handmaid's Son in Gilead171
10.Remembering the Early Church Remembering Jesus in Gilead: A Continuing Tradition of Liberation185
11.Remembering the Early Church Remembering Jesus in Gilead: A Continuing Tradition of Good Sex212
Part 4Remembering Jesus in the World of Adam Smith
A Continuing Tradition of Justice and Generosity
12.A Rich Fool in the World of Adam Smith243
13.Jesus and His Economic Worlds253
14.Remembering the Early Church Remembering Jesus276
15.The Continuing Church and a Continuing Tradition of Justice and Generosity305
Part 5Remembering Jesus in the Strange World of Politics
Revisiting Theocracy A Continuing Tradition of Justice
16.Theocracy as a Four-Letter Word333
17.A Theocratic Tradition351
18.The Theocratic Politics of Jesus388
19.The Politics of the Early Church in Memory of Jesus419
20.A Continuing Theocratic Tradition456
Appendix to Chapter 20487
Index of Subjects and Names508
Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Texts514

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