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The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians: Essays and Translations
Robert Eisenman

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Format: Hardcover, 449pp.
ISBN: 1852307854
Publisher: Element Books Ltd.
Pub. Date: November 1996

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dead sea scrolls

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From The Publisher:

By the co-author of the highly successful The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, this book takes us back to Qumran on the Dead Sea for a further exploration of the relationship between the Dead Sea Scrolls and Christianity's formative years. Included in this volume are Professor Eisenman's two ground-breaking works, Maccabees, Zadokites, Christians and Qumran and James the Just in the Habakkuk Pesher, which were not previously widely available. These classics are a foundation piece of Professor Eisenman's research on the Dead Sea Scrolls and fascinating for the beginner and scholar alike. Most importantly, these works triggered the debate over the relationship of the Dead Sea Scrolls to Christian origins, which ultimately led to the freeing of the Scrolls in the early 1990s, a struggle in which Eisenmann played a pivotal role.

About the Author

Robert Eisenman is Professor of Middle East Religions and Archaeology and Director of the Institute for the Study of Judeo-Christian Origins at California State University, Long Beach. He is is consultant for the Huntington Library in the struggle to free the Scrolls.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Maccabees, Zadokites, Christians and Qumran: A New Hypothesis of Qumran
Chapter 2. James the Just in the Habakkuk Pesher

Chapter 3. The Jerusalem Community of James the Just and the Community at Qumran
Chapter 4. Paul as Herodian
Chapter 5. Interpreting Abeit-Galuto in the Habukkuk Pesher: Playing on and Transmuting Terms
Chapter 6. Eschatological "Rain" Imagery in the War Scroll and the Letter of James
Chapter 7. Interpreting some Esotericisms: The Kings of the Peoples, the Princes of Judah and Gehazi
in the Damascus Document
Chapter 8. Joining/Joiners, 'Arizei-Go'im, and the Simple of Ephraim Relating to a
Cadre of Gentile God-Fearers at Qumran
Chapter 9. The Final Proof that James and the Righteous Teacher are the Same

Chapter 10. The Damascus Document
Chapter 11. The Community Rule
Chapter 12. The Habakkuk Pesher

Glossary of Hebrew Terms


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