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The New Testament Story
Ben Witherington III

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Format: Paperback, 272pp.
ISBN: 0802827659
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Pub. Date: April 2004

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From The Publisher:

This informative, clearly written book introduces the New Testament in two main ways: (1) it explains where the New Testament came from, and (2) it examines the New Testament writings themselves.

Ben Witherington first tells how and why the New Testament documents were written and collected and how they came to be known as the New Testament that we have today. He then discusses the main stories and major figures in the New Testament. Witherington looks particularly at the Gospels, examining how and why their stories differ and pointing out what these ancient biographies actually say about Jesus. He also surveys the ways that these stories were told and retold, explaining how this literary development has influenced Christian theology, ethics, and social thought.

At once scholarly and accessible — it really is written in plain English — Witherington’s guide to the origins and message of the New Testament is eminently suitable as a text for college and seminary students. With each chapter followed by a section called “Exercises and Questions for Study and Reflection,” The New Testament Story will also prove valuable to individual readers and ideal for church classes and group Bible studies.


The New Testament is a collection of a wide variety of stories. Ben Witherington is a sure guide through this library of stories and how they were collected. His book is a fresh take on introducing the New Testament. It comes highly recommended for its treatment of the wealth of testimony to the story.
—Darrell L. Bock

Synthesizing much of his earlier work in a very readable way, Ben Witherington traces the development of New Testament stories into our New Testament books and canon. Along the way he rightly challenges time-worn schemes of an evolution from lower to higher Christology and also retells stories of New Testament individuals without losing the distinctives of the various New Testament sources where we find them.
—Craig S. Keener

What a valuable book for the beginner eager to probe the New Testament more deeply! Ben Witherington has packaged his enormous learning in clear, understandable, accessible ways. With its excellent illustrations and charts, The New Testament Story will be an open window into the world of stories found in the Bible.
—James C. Howell


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About the Author

Ben Witherington III is the Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He is the author of numerous books on the New Testament, including (with Hershel Shanks) The Brother of Jesus: The Dramatic Story and Meaning of the First Archaeological Link to Jesus and His Family and The Gospel Code: Novel Claims about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Da Vinci.

Table of Contents

I.The Story of the New Testament
1.The Tools and the Text
2.The Pedagogy and the Passion: Sayings and Passion Stories about Jesus
3.Letters and Homilies for Converts
4.All the Good News That Was Fit to Print
5.The Selection, Collection, and Rejection of Texts
II.The Stories in the New Testament
6.Borrowed Tales from the Earlier Testament
7.Stories of Paul and Peter: The Trials and Tribulations of Apostles
8.Tales of the Holy Family
9.Stories of Jesus outside the Gospels
10.Stories of Jesus inside the Gospels
Appendix 1: Basic Acts Time Line
Appendix 2: Chronology of Paul's Life and Letters
Units of Weight and Measure
Map of the Roman Empire in the First Century C.E.
Map of Palestine in the First Century C.E.
Map of Paul's Journeys According to Acts

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