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Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit
Edited by Howard Clark Kee and Irwin J. Borowsky

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Format: Hardcover, 140pp.
ISBN: 082640927X
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group, Inc.
Pub. Date: October 1996

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About the Editors
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From The Publisher:

With particular attention paid to fresh analysis and new understanding of the evolution of Judaism in the post-exilic age, this work features an outstanding array of Christian scholars and preachers dealing with the extrememly vexing issue of anti-Judaism in the New Testament and in Christian preaching.


Anti-Semitism (or to be more precise anti-Judaism) has been fueled over the centuries by "the teaching of contempt" from countless Christian pulpits, books and pamphlets. In Removing Anti-Judaism From The Pulpit, an outstanding array of Christian scholars and preachers deal with the extremely vexing issue of anti-Judaism in the New Testament and in Christian preaching. In the first half, New Testament scholars and theologians take up the historical and interpretive issues that have fostered anti-Judaism over the centuries. here particular attention is paid to fresh analyses and new understandings of separate paths taken by Jews and Christian from the century onward. In the second half are sermons that confront anti-Judaism head on. They have been prepared by a distinguished group of Catholic and Protestant scholars and clergy. Removing Anti-Judaism From The Pulpit succeeds in its goal: it heightens sensitivity to anti-Judaism in Christ in Christian pulpits and increases the reader's knowledge of the evidence about Christian origins and suggests fresh approaches to foster mutual understanding between Jews and Christians. Removing Anti-Judaism From The Pulpit should be read by every seminary student, pastor, priest and layman in the Christian community.

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Reader's Index

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About the Editors

Howard Clark Kee is Emeritus Professor of New Testament at Boston University. Among his many publications are Evolution of the Synagogus (1999), The Cambridge Companion to the Bible (editor, 1998), and Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit (editor, 1996).

Table of Contents

Foreword: The Language of Religion
Irvin J. Borowsky
Contributors and Participants
Introduction: Gaining New Perspectives on the Relationships between Judaism and Christianity
Howard Clark Kee

1. Removing Anti-Judaism from the Christian Pulpit
Martin E. Marty
2. Accomplishments and Challenges in the Contemporary Jewish-Christian Encounter
John T. Pawlikowski, O.S.M.
3. Interpreting Difficult Texts
Clark M. Williamson and Ronald J. Allen
4. Christian Preaching after the Holocaust
Harry James Cargas
5. Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit: Four Approaches
Robert J. Daly, S.J.
6. Reflections of an Imported WASP
David H. C. Read
7. Preaching the Gospel without Anti-Judaism
Frederick C. Holmgren
8. Preaching Jews and Judaism in Light of the New Catechism
Peter C. Phan

Howard Clark Kee
1. Deadly Memories: Confronting Anti-Jewish Elements in Scripture
Carol Ann Morrow
2. The Root That Supports Us
Wallace M. Alston, Jr.
3. Schindler's List - Our Lists
Nancy M. Malone, O.S. U.
4. Resurrection, the Holocaust, and Forgiveness: A Sermon for Eastertime
Stanley Hauerzvas
5. Jews and Christians: All in the Family
William H. Willimon

On "Jews and Christians: All in the Family"
Hugh Anderson

The Agenda for Preachers and Teachers
Joseph Stoutzenberger

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