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Jerusalem Revealed: Archaeology in the Holy City 1968-1974
edited by Yigael Yadin

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Format: Hardcover, 139 pp.
ISBN: 0300019653
Publisher: Israel Exploration Society
Pub. Date: October 1976

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From The Publisher:

A collection of material published in the Hebrew Quarterly Qadmoniot. This volume on Jerusalem reveals the major excavations undertaken since 1967 at several locations in the Old City, as well as other significant discoveries contributing toward the tracing of a history of Jerusalem over the last three millennia --- a history precious to Jews, Christians and Moslems alike.



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Reader's Index

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About the Author

Table of Contents



Jerusalem in the Biblical Period
B. Mazar
Jerusalem of the Second Temple Period
M. Avi-Yonah
The Architecture of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period
N. Avigad
Excavations in Jerusalem Review and Evaluation
M. Avi-Yoilah


The Archaeological Excavations near the Temple Mount
B. Mazar
Excavations in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, 1969-1971
N. Avigad
Excavations in the Jerusalem Citadel
R. Amiran and A. Eitaii
Excavations in the Armenian Garden
D. Bahat and M. Broshi
Excavations in the House of Calaphas, Mount Zion
M. Broslii
The "Third Wall" of Jerusalem
S. BeN-Arieh


A Pcccntly Discovered Monolothic Tomb in Siloam
D. Ussishkin
The Tomb of a Nazirite on Mount Scopus
N. Avigad
Five Jewish Burial-Caves on Mount Scopus
R. Reich and H. Geva
A Burial-Cave of the Second Temple Period at Giv'at Hamlvtar
A. Kloner
The Burial of Simon the Temple Builder
V. Tzafcris
A New Tomb-Inscription from Giv'at Hamivtar
J. Naveh

Water Supply

The Water Supply of Israelite Jerusalem
R. Amiran
The Aqueducts of Jerusalem
A. Mazar


The Location of the Seleucid Akra in Jerusalem
Y. Tsafir
The Archaeological Peconstruction of the Antonia Fortress
P. Benoit, O.P.
The Gate of the Essenes and the Temple Scroll
Y. Yadin


The Islamic Architecture of Jerusalem
M. Rosen-Ayalon
The Area South of the Temple Mount in the Early Islamic Period
M. Ben-Dov
Jerusalem in Crusader Days
J. Prawer
Excavations at Tancred's Tower
D. Bahat and M. Ben-Ari
The Lintels of the Holy Sepulchre
J. Prawer
A Local Trend in Crusader Art in Jerusalem
N. Keenan
The Remains of an Ancient Synagogue on Mount Zion
J. W. Hirschberg


Reconstruction of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City
E. Netzer
Four Sephardi Synagogues in the Old City
D. Cassuto
The Ben-Zakkal Synagogues Reconstruction and Restoration
D. Tanai
The National Park in Jerusalem
D. Dvir
Tables of Major Archaeological Activities in Jerusalem since 1863
Y. Shiloh


Jerusalem in First Temple times
Jerusalem in Second Temple times
Recent archaeological work in Jerusalem
Tombs in northern Jerusalem
Jerusalem aqueduct system
Haram esh-Sharif (Temple Mount)
Twelfth century map of Jerusalem
Crusader Jerusalem
Plan of National Park surrounding Old City
Excavations in the City of Jerusalem
Excavations in Jerusalem

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