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The Jesus Conspiracy: An Investigative Reporter's Look at an Extraordinary Life and Death
Gordon Thomas

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Format: Paperback, 297pp.
ISBN: 0801065321
Publisher: Baker Book House
Pub. Date: January 2000

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From The Publisher:

In this powerful bookwhich bears comparison with Frank Morisons classic Who Moved the Stone?skilled investigative journalist Gordon Thomas offers an enthusiastically detailed account of the life and death of Jesus. Previously published to widespread acclaim, this book sold over 800,000 copies and became a worldwide best-seller. Now published for the first time in the U.S., it contains a new introduction and conclusion explaining the books creation and the authors pilgrimage to a renewed faith in the historical Jesus.

A modern dramatization of the known facts, The Jesus Conspiracy presents a startling vision of the Christ of faith through the lens of the historical Jesus and leads to some surprising conclusions. It pairs modern and historical investigation with the results of current archaeological and anthropological discoveries. Spiritual seekers as well as seasoned Christians will enjoy this book, as it fulfills the desire to know more about the life and ministry of the Jesus of Nazareth.


Transcends all religious boundaries, gives offense to none, yet manages to stay steely close to the truth.

Toronto Star

A suspenseful drama.... The pace is quick and compelling. The Jesus presented is real, painstakingly real. As a result, the magnanimity of the sacrificein the view of anyones faith is overwhelming.
Washington Times


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Reader's Index

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About the Author

Gordon Thomas is a highly successful British investigative journalist and best-selling author of more than forty fiction and nonfiction books. Begun as a screenplay over thirty years ago, The Jesus Conspiracy is the result of a lifetime of research.

Table of Contents

Section 1 -- In Search of Christ
Introduction: Towards Understanding
The Principal Players
Section 2 -- 28 Anno Christi: The Continuing Preparation
Chapter 1 -- Jesus
Section 3 -- 29 Anno Christi: The World of Rome
Chapter 2 -- The Emperor
Section 4 -- 30 Anno Christi: The Unholy Triumvirate
Chapter 3 -- The Procurator
Chapter 4 -- The Tetrarch
Chapter 5 -- The High Priest
Section 5 -- The Passover Plot
Chapter 6 -- With Intent to Murder
Chapter 7 -- Hosanna
Chapter 8 -- Pressing Matters
Section 6 -- Hours of Trial
Chapter 9 -- Beyond Arrest
Chapter 10 -- Rush to Judgment
Chapter 11 -- Roman Responses
Chapter 12 -- To Herod and Back
Section 7 -- Beyond the Cross
Chapter 13 -- The Place of the Skull
Section 8 -- Explanations
Select Bibliography
The Tractates
Other Gospels and Writings

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