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New Reference Library 5.0
Biblesoft PC Study Bible

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Format: Bible Software, CD-Rom
ISBN: 1565143531
Publisher: Biblesoft
Pub. Date: 2007

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Item No: 1565143531

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From The Publisher:

A collection of 161 reference volumes including Bible translations, encyclopedias as well as other reference works and study aides.

Especially popular among those beginning to study the Bible more deeply or who just want quick, accurate information on a variety of subjects. The PC Study Bible New Reference Library offers a superb balance of Bible translations and authoritative reference works. The Version 5 upgrade includes 16 Bibles -- six of which are completely new to Biblesoft. The total value of this upgrade is more than $400!

The following content is included in the New Reference Library. New for Version 5 indicates a new addition for Version 5. New for Version 5 New for Version 5 indicates a new title never before offered by Biblesoft as an add-on, or in a library product.

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Bibles and Concordances (top)
  • New Living Translation, 2nd ed.
  • New King James Version
  • King James Version (with Apocrypha)
  • The Message New!
  • English Standard Version New!
  • God's Word Translation New!
  • American Standard Version
  • Young’s Literal Translation
  • Darby's Bible 1890
  • Bible in Basic English New for Version 5 New!
  • Douay–Rheims Bible New for Version 5 New!
  • Weymouth (NT in Modern Speech) New for Version 5 New!
  • Noah Webster's Bible (1833) New for Version 5 New!
  • World English Bible New for Version 5 New!
  • Exhaustive Concordances for each Bible Version

Cross References (top)
  • Nave’s Topical Bible
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • PCSB Reference Chains New for Version 5 New!

Commentary Sets (top)
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary Unabridged – 6 volumes
  • Geneva Notes, commentary on the Geneva Bible by Calvin, Knox, & more!
  • Jamieson, Fausset & Brown Commentary – 6 volumes
  • The Apocalypse: Lectures on Revelation by J.A. Seiss
  • Martin Luther's Commentary on Galatians New!

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias (top)
  • Nelson’s Bible Dictionary
  • Easton’s Bible Dictionary
  • Hitchcock’s Bible Names
  • Smith's Bible Dictionary New!
  • Dictionary of Christianity in America New!
  • Fausset’s Bible Dictionary

Word Study Reference Works (top)
  • Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words (OT & NT)

Greek-Hebrew Resources (top)
  • Thayer’s Greek definitions (abridged)
  • Exhaustive Strong’s Greek Dictionary with Concordance
  • Englishman’s Greek Concordance
  • Brown, Driver & Briggs’ Hebrew definitions (abridged)
  • Exhaustive Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary with Concordance
  • Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance

Theology & History (top)
  • Summa Theologiae – Thomas Aquinas
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Calvin New!
  • Ancient and Reformation Creeds
  • Puritan works of Baxter, Watson, Manton, Sibbes, Flavel & more – 37 volumes New!
  • Systematic Theology, Charles Finney New!
  • Complete Works of John Bunyan – 3 volumes New!
  • Works of Martin Luther – 9 volumes
  • Works of Andrew Murray – 9 volumes
  • Works of John Wesley – 4 volumes
  • Works of Josephus – 3 volumes
  • Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs
  • Complete Works of John Owen – 14 volumes New!
  • Complete Works of Jonathan Edwards – 2 volumes New!

Christian Living / Devotional (top)
  • The Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis New!
  • Spurgeon's Morning and Evening
  • Book of Common Prayer
  • Names of God Series – 7 volumes New!

Pastoral Helps (top)
  • Complete Bible Discussion Guide, New Testament New for Version 5 New!
  • Complete Bible Discussion Guide, Old Testament New for Version 5 New!
  • Spurgeon's Encyclopedia of Sermons – 8 volumes New for Version 5 New!
  • The Fundamentals of Christianity, by RA Torrey New!

Other Bible Helps (top)
  • Bible Maps
  • Bible Photo Collection
  • PCSB Hymnal, including audio
  • Biblesoft Authoring System
  • Personal Study Note Manager
  • Bible Reading Planner

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