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Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament
Christopher J.H. Wright

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Format: Paperback, 256pp.
ISBN: 0830816933
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Pub. Date: March 1995

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From The Publisher:

Has the Christian Bible bound believers to a narrow and mistaken notion of Jesus? Should we listen to other gospels, other sayings of Jesus, that enlarge in a web of the church's Scripture, awaiting liberation from our childhood faith so he might speak to our contemporary pluralistic world?

To start to answer these questions we need to know what story Jesus claimed for himself. Christopher Wright is convinced that Jesus' own story is rooted in the story of Israel. Throughout his life Jesus lived by the script of Israel.

Only as we come to understand Jesus as a man with a story - an Old Testament story - will we come to know who Jesus truly is. To change that narrative is to deface our only reliable portrait of Jesus.

Here is a book that traces out the face of Christ in the textual tapestry of the Old Testament. But it also outlines the pattern of God's design for Israel as it is lived out in the story of Jesus.


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Reader's Index

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About the Author

Christopher J.H. Wright (Ph.D., Cambridge) is international ministry director of the Langham Partnership. Formerly he taught Old Testament and served as principal of All Nations College in Ware, England. His books include two current titles from IVP as well as An Eye for an Eye: The Place of Old Testament Ethics Today (IVP, out of print) and God's People in God's Land: Family, Land and Property in the Old Testament (Eerdmans).

Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE - Jesus and the Old Testament
Jesus: A man with a story
The story so far
Light on the story
A unique story
Israel and other stories

CHAPTER TWO - Jesus and the Old Testament Promise
'And so was fulfilled'
The promise declared
The promise garanteed

CHAPTER THREE - Jesus and his Old Testament Identity
'This is my Son'
Old Testament pictures and patterns
Jesus as the Son of God
God as Father: Israel as son

CHAPTER FOUR - Jesus and his Old Testament Mission
Jewish expectations at the time of Jesus
John the Baptist
The Messiah
The Son of Man
The Servant of the Lord
The mission of the Servant in the Old Testament
The Servant and mission to the Gentiles
Our mission in the light of Christ's

CHAPTER FIVE - Jesus and his Old Testament Values
Jesus tested in the wilderness
Jesus and the law
Jesus and the prophets
Jesus, the Psalms and the reign of God

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