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Is the New Testament Reliable? A Look at the Historical Evidence
Paul Barnett

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Format: Paperback, 173pp.
ISBN: 0830818340
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Pub. Date: January 1993

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New Testament
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From The Publisher:

Paul Barnett offers a careful historical analysis of the New Testament texts, taking into account evidence presented by the texts themselves and evidence provided by other religious and non-religious sources.
  • How accurate is the historical information in the New Testament
  • Were any writers of New Testament books eyewitnesses?
  • Is the New Testament a myth?
  • How biased were the writings of first-century Christians?
  • Is there any information apart from Christians sources?
  • How soon after Jesus' death were the New Testament documents written?
  • Were errors introduced as manuscripts were copied and translated through the centuries?

These are the questions Paul Barnett tackles in this clear and straightforward book. He considers how reliable the New Testament documents are in light of the evidence and standard methods of historical research. The answers will prove enlightening to anyone interested in the trustworthiness of the New Testament.


"I know other book which in short compass does such an excellent job."
—James W. Sire author of The Universe Next Door


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About the Author

Paul Barnett, now retired, was Anglican bishop of North Sydney, Australia. He remains a visiting fellow in ancient history at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) and research professor at Regent College (Vancouver, British Columbia). He has written several books published by IVP, as well as Jesus and the Logic of History and a commentary on 2 Corinthians in the NICNT series.

Table of Contents

1 The Question of Truth
2 Did Jesus Exist? Early Non-Christian References
3 Fixing the Time-Frame
4 Is the Transmission Trustworthy?
5 The Two Witnesses
6 Witness One: The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved
7 Witness Two: Peter Through Mark
8 Luke and Matthew
9 Miracles and the Modern World
10 The Birth of Jesus
11 Paul and the Historical Jesus
12 The Acts of the Apostles
13 Is the New Testament Historically Reliable?
14 Who Is Jesus?

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