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John Calvin's Commentaries
John Calvin's

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Format: CD-Rom
ISBN: 1411691000
Publisher: Logos Research Systems
Pub. Date: 1999

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From The Publisher:

For over 400 years, many Christian readers have read and studied the works and writings of John Calvin. In this span of time, few writers have had the profound and continued impact on Christianity that John Calvin has had.

Now for the first time in the Logos Library System (LLS) format, Calvin’s Commentaries are available for your computer. All of the commentaries that were written by John Calvin and were translated into English are included on this CD-ROM. The commentaries that helped shape and influence the Christians of the Reformation, and inspire the Christians readers of today, can be easily searched and studied by using the LLS software.

Included are the impressive Harmonies of both the Law and Gospel, which coordinate and outline the information presented in these books of the Bible. Also included are Commentaries on the New Testament (Revelation, 2 & 3 John excepted), and the Old Testament (Judges-Job, and Proverbs-Song of Solomon excepted).

The value of these commentaries in print is well into the hundreds of dollars. By adding the time-saving study tools incorporated with this invaluable text, a must-have resource is created for the LLS user.

This is the electronic edition of the 22 Volume 1979 Baker Book House Edition of Calvin's Commentaries.

About John Calvin

"I believe Calvin was a great instrument of God; and that he was a wise and pious man."— John Wesley

"After the Holy Scriptures, I exhort the students to read the Commentaries of Calvin... I tell them that he is incomparable in the interpretation of Scripture; and that his Commentaries ought to be held in greater estimation than all that is delivered to us in the writings of the ancient Christian Fathers: so that, in a certain eminent spirit of prophecy, I give the pre-eminence to him beyond most others, indeed beyond them all. I add, that, with regard to what belongs to common places, his Institutes must be read after the Catechism, as a more ample interpretation. But to all this I subjoin the remark, that they must be perused with cautious choice, like all other human compositions."— Arminius

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