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The Gospel of Mark New International Greek Testament Commentary
R. T. France

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Format: Hardcover, 719pp.
ISBN: 0802824463
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: April 2002

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About the Author
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gospel of mark


From The Publisher:

Drawing on many years of Marcan studies, world-class scholar R. T. France has produced an exegetical commentary on the Greek text of Mark that does what the best of recent Greek commentaries have done but in France's own inimitable, reader-friendly way.

This work is a commentary on Mark itself, not a commentary on commentaries of Mark. It deals immediately and directly with matters that France himself regards as important. Working from his own translation of the Greek text and culling from helpful research into the world of first-century Palestine, France provides an extensive introduction to Mark's Gospel, followed by insightful section and verse commentary.

France sees the structure of Mark's Gospel as an effective “drama in three acts.” Act 1 takes up Jesus' public ministry in Galilee. Act 2 covers Jesus' journey to Jerusalem with his disciples. Act 3 focuses on Jesus' public ministry in Jerusalem, including his confrontation with the Jewish leaders, his explanatory discourse on the future, and his passion, death, and resurrection. France carefully unpacks for modern readers the two central themes of this powerful narrative of Jesus' life — the nature of Christ and the role of discipleship.

Supported by careful argumentation and impressive in its sensitivity to Mark's structure, context, and use of the Old Testament, France's study of the second Gospel is without peer.


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About the Author

R. T. France recently retired as principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and as rector of seven Anglican parishes. Among his many other books are Jesus and the Old Testament, The Evidence for Jesus, Matthew: Evangelist and Teacher, the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries volume on Matthew, and the Doubleday Bible Commentary volume on Mark. He is also coeditor of The New Bible Commentary: 21st-Century Edition.

Table of Contents

About This Commentary
About the Gospel of Mark
A. What Sort of Book?
B. Mark's Gospel as a 'Drama in Three Acts'
C. Mark the Storyteller
D. The Message of Mark
E. The Origin of the Book
F. Mark in Relation to Matthew and Luke
The Heading (1:1)
The Prologue: Setting the Scene — The Dramatis Personae (1:2-13)
Act OneGalilee (1:14-8:21)
Introduction: The Essential Message of Jesus (1:14-15)
The Formation of the 'Jesus Circle' (1:16-20)
Preaching and Healing: General Impression (A Day in Capernaum) (1:21-39)
Controversial Aspects of Jesus' Ministry (1:40-3:6)
Wide Recognition of Jesus' Authority to Heal (3:7-12)
Varying Responses to Jesus: Supporters and Opponents (3:13-35)
Explanatory Discourse: The Paradox of the Kingdom of God (4:1-34)
Further Revelations of Jesus' Unique Authority (4:35-5:43)
Not Everyone Is Impressed by Jesus (6:1-6)
Jesus' Mission Extended through the Disciples (6:7-30)
A Sequence of Miracles around the Lake: Who Is Jesus? (6:31-56)
A Foretaste of Confrontation in Jerusalem: The Issue of Purity (7:1-23)
The Mission Extended to Neighbouring Peoples (7:24-8:10)
Summary So Far: Both Opponents and Supporters Still Have a Lot to Learn (8:11-21)
Act TwoOn the Way to Jerusalem (Learning about the Cross) (8:22-10:52)
First Healing of a Blind Man (8:22-26)
Learning to Recognise Jesus (8:27-9:13)
Success and Failure in Exorcism (9:14-29)
More Lessons about the Way of the Cross (9:30-50)
The Revolutionary Values of the Kingdom of God (10:1-31)
Following Jesus in the Way of the Cross (10:32-45)
Second Healing of a Blind Man (10:45-52)
Act ThreeJerusalem (11:1-16:8)
Throwing Down the Gauntlet (11:1-25)
Confrontation with the Jerusalem Establishment (11:27-13:2)
Explanatory Discourse: The End of the Old Order (13:3-35)
Setting the Scene for the Passion (14:1-11)
Last Hours with the Disciples (14:12-42)
The Arrest and Trials of Jesus (14:43-15:15)
The Crucifixion, Death, and Burial of Jesus (15:16-47)
The Empty Tomb (16:1-8)

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