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Jewish Law from Jesus to the Mishnah
E P Sanders

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Format: Hardcover, 434pp.
ISBN: 0334024552
Publisher: Trinity Press International
Pub. Date: September 1990

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From The Publisher:

In this volume E. P. Sanders advances his re-examination of the nature of Jewish Law which he began in Paul and Palestinian Judaism. As usual, he is able to shed new light on old questions and demonstrate that many accepted interpretations are misguided.

In the chapter on 'Jesus and the Law' he considers how serious the legal issues discussed between Jesus and his opponents would have been had they been authentic - a comparison which has never before been undertaken.

A consideration of Jewish food and purity laws in the Greek-speaking Diaspora is shown to have had a bearing on the particular point of law which led to the argument between Peter and Paul at Antioch.

An Examination of the Pharisaic legal corpus sets the author apart from the conclusions of one of the most prolific writers in this area. Similarly, a concluding section on the 'philosophy' behind the Mishnah distinguishes Professor Sanders' work from other studies.

About the Author

E.P. Sanders is Arts and Sciences Professor of Religion at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. His other Fortress Press books include Paul, the Law, and the Jewish People (1983) and Jesus and Judaism (1985), winner of the 1990 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion. Paul and Palestinian Judaism received the 1978 National Religious Book Award, Scholarly Book Category, from Religious Book Review.

Table of Contents

I. The Synoptic Jesus and the Law
A. Introduction
B. Sabbath
C. Food
D. Purity
E. Offerings
F. Tithes
G. Temple Tax
H. Oaths and Vows
I. Blasphemy
J. Worship at Home and Synagogue
K. Fasting
L. Conflict over the Law
M. Conclusions
II. Did the Pharisees Have Oral Law?
A. Introduction
B. Pharisaic Traditions and Oral Law
C. Rabbinic Passages
D. Conclusions and Summary
III. Did the Pharisees Eat Ordinary Food in Purity?
A. Introduction
B. Biblical Purity Laws
C. Secondary Literature: The State of the Question
D. The Pharisees and Priestly Food Laws According to Neusner
E. Pharisaic Purity Debates
F. Exclusivism
G. Conclusion
IV. Purity, Food and Offerings in the Greek-Speaking Diaspora
A. Introduction: The Diaspora and Jerusalem
B. Purity
C. Food
D. Offerings from the Diaspora
V. Jacob Neusner and the Philosophy of the Mishnah

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