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Our Fathers Who Aren't in Heaven
Anthony Buzzard

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Format: Paperback, 394pp.
ISBN: 0967324912
Publisher: Restoration Fellowship
Pub. Date: January 1999

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From The Publisher:

There is an impressive consensus among New Testament scholars that the Kingdom of God was teh principal theme of all that Jesus taught. The Gospel about the Kingdom of God is actually the New Testament name for the Christian Mesage. Yet today we hear little or nothing in public evangelism about the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Anthony Buzzard contends that traditional Christianity has lost its grip on the Messianism of the Bible - that Jewish theme which Gentiles found, and still find, unfamiliar. If the various denominations are to find unity in a common belief in the Bible, it will have to be by a return to the Messianic Jesus and His Kingdom Gospel. No theme could be more heartening in our distracted world than the Hope of a better world coming on earth when Jesus returns to take over the reins of world government.

Subtle forces from the world of pagan philosophy have worked to make basic apostolic teachings unclear to the church-going public. The Bible read in its own Hebrew, Messianic context comes alive as a thrilling document inspiring hope for a resolution of all the world's problems and offering frail humans the prospect of living not only for a thousand years, but forever.


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About the Author

Anthony Buzzard was born in Surrey, England, and educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he obtained his Master's degree in Modern Languages (1960). He came to the United States in 1981 and received his Master's in Theology at Bethany Seminary, Chicago. He is currently on the staff of Atlanta Bible College (formerly Oregon (IL) Bible College). He is the author of many articles on Christology and eschatology, speaker on the radio program "Focus on the Kingdom" and the founder of the Restoration Fellowship. Anthony is married with three daughters.

Table of Contents

Author's Preface
1.The Message in Outline
2.Unmasking the Villain
3.The Messiah-King, His Kingdom and the Neglect of His Message
4.The Christian Hope: Life in the Land of the Promise Made to Abraham
5.The Gospel of the Kingdom in the Prophets: The Unfulfilled Dream of Messianic Government
6.A Charter for Mankind
7.The Faith of Jesus
8.The Message and the Enemy
9.Acts 1:6 and the Eclipse of the Biblical Kingdom
10.The Faking of Christian Doctrine
11.Arenas of Conflict
12.Has the Kingdom Come?
13.Opposition to the Messianic Kingdom
15.Epilogue: In Praise of the Messiah
Appendix: The Various New Testament Titles of the Gospel about the Kingdom
Scripture Index
Author Index
Subject Index

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