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James, Brother of Jesus
Pierre-Antoine Bernheim

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Format: Paperback, 320pp.
ISBN: 0334026954
Publisher: Trinity Pr International
Pub. Date: November 1997

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From The Publisher:

James, the brother of Jesus, is a figure largely unknown to the majority of Christians. Doctrinally, the existence of a physical brother of Jesus if this is what James was is to say the least, an embarrassment. Furthermore, how he came to be head of the Jerusalem church so soon after the death of Jesus is shrouded in mystery. All this makes him a fascinating subject for a full-length study, all the more so since any attempt to answer the questions surrounding him necessarily leads to a wider investigation: of the nature of Judaism at the time of the birth of Christianity, of the person and message of Jesus, and of the earliest church. Here more attention than usual has to be paid to the perspectives of those who did not eventually come out on top and write the official Christian history.

Pierre-Antoine Bernheim is an expert and sure guide on all these questions, combining almost the style of a mystery writer with a clear grasp of the evidence and the results of wide research. He has a touch which many scholars can only envy. Those who have grown weary of the dullness of so much of current New Testament study and appreciate historical puzzles can for once simply sit back and enjoy following a great story-teller whose conclusions have serious implications, for all the lightness with which they are presented.

Table of Contents


1. Brother of Jesus?
Scriptural evidence
Opposing theories
The Helvidian theory
The Epiphanian theory
The Hieronymian theory and its variants

2. A Galilean Family
A pious family
James, son of David
A modest carpente
James' educatio

3. What is a Jew?
God, his people and his covenant
Living according to the law
What is the law?
The sabbath
Dietary laws
A demanding morality
The temple syste
And afterwards?
A Galilean Judaism

4. Jesus, James and the Brothers
A difficult relationship
The Synoptic Gospels
The Gospel of John
Jesus and the family
James, disciple?

5. A Famous Brother
Why did Jesus die?
The kingdom of God
Jesus and the law
Jesus and the Gentiles

6. An Uncertain History
An edifying account
Whom to believe?

7. How Can One Be Christian?
Jews and Gentiles
The beginnings of the mission to the Gentiles
The Council of Jerusalem
The Apostolic Decree
Trouble at Antioch
After Antioch

8. James, the First Pope?
Who gives the orders?
The rise of James
James and Peter
A family affair

9. A Strawy Epistle
A disputed letter
A cultivated author
Woe to the rich!
James and the law br>James and Paul
A Jewish-Christian testimony

10. The Death of a Just Man
Presumed innocent
A truncated text?
Confused evidence
A settling of accounts in the temple
Conclusion: The Legacy of James
The heirs
An embarrassing figure

Index of Biblical References
Index of Names

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