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Windows into Old Testament History: Evidence, Argument, and the Crisis of Biblical Israel
Edited by V. Philips Long, David W. Baker and Gordon J. Wenham

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Format: Paperback, 200pp.
ISBN: 0802839622
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: June 2002

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From The Publisher:

In recent years revisionist scholars have attacked the Bible's picture of ancient Israel as a fiction. While the majority of scholars reject this claim, a spirit of uneasiness remains among those who affirm the Old Testament's reliability. This bracing book provides fresh evidence for the historical value of Scripture. Written by an international team of competent scholars, Windows into Old Testament History seeks to rebuild the case for a positive appraisal of biblical Israel.

In the first essay Jens Bruun Kofoed explores the models and methods of study employed by the so-called Copenhagen School. Nicolai Winther-Nielsen then turns to the question of how best to “hear” the verbal testimony of the biblical texts, proposing a pragmatic approach to reading scripture. The next three essays examine ways of testing the truth value of the texts within the ancient Near Eastern context: Richard S. Hess, Alan R. Millard, and Kenneth A. Kitchen each focus on archaeological and comparative literary studies that illustrate how extrabiblical evidence can clarify debated issues and elucidate questions that are raised by the biblical texts themselves. Two case studies of the book of Chronicles by Brian E. Kelly and Peter J. Williams then demonstrate in a practical way how biblical and extrabiblical evidence can be brought together to uncover Israel's history. The final essay by Iain W. Provan returns to the epistemological and philosophical concerns which began the book, seen anew in light of the contributors' fruitful work.

Attacking head-on the major issues involved in this fascinating yet conflicted field, Windows into Old Testament History is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the facts surrounding ancient Israel.


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Reader's Index

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Table of Contents

V. Philips Long
Epistemology, Historiographical Method, and the "Copehhagen School"
Jens Bruun Kofoed
Fact, Fiction, and Language Use: Can Modern Pragmatics Improve on Halpern's Case for History in Judges?
Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
Literacy in Iron Age Israel
Richard S. Hess
History and Legend in Early Babylonia
Alan R. Millard
The Controlling Role of External Evidence in Assessing the Historical Status of the Israelite United Monarchy
Kenneth A. Kitchen
Manasseh in the Books of Kings and Chronicles (2 Kings 21:1-18; 2 Chron 33:1-20)
Brian E. Kelly
Israel outside the Land: The Transjordanian Tribes in 1 Chronicles 5
Peter J. Williams
In the Stable with the Dwarves: Testimony, Interpretation, Faith, and the History of Israel
Iain W. Provan
List of Editors and Contributors
Index of Names
Index of Scripture References

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