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Paul and Jesus: The True Story
David Wenham

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Format: Paperback, 208pp.
ISBN: 0802839835
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: 2002

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paul and jesus
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From The Publisher:

It has been fashionable in New Testament scholarship to view the apostle Paul as a religious "freelancer" who corrupted Jesus' teachings. David Wenham has written convincingly against this view, and in this new book he introduces readers to the "true" Paul.

Rooted in a thorough knowledge of the New Testament, this book fulfills two important purposes. First, it provides a superb introduction to Paul himself. Wenham describes Paul's early life, shows the importance of his conversion, and follows him on his missionary journeys. Second, the book explores Paul's relation to Jesus. Writing in dialogue with those who wish to distance Paul from Jesus, Wenham shows just how important the ministry and teaching of Jesus were to Paul's own thought and evangelism. What emerges from a study of Paul's epistles is a man who drew extensively on the traditions of Jesus and faithfully worked to spread his message to the rest of the world.


readers index
Reader's Index

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About the Author

David Wenham combines teaching and research at Wycliffe Hall at the University of Oxford with work as an Anglican priest in rural Oxfordshire.

Table of Contents

    Map of Paul's World

Part 1: Beginnings

  1. Before Paul met Jesus
    What's your name and where do you come from?
    Paul's first contacts with Jesus and his followers

  2. The big bang!
    What was Paul thinking as he went to Damascus?
    Paul's dramatic conversion
    What happened to Paul's ideas as a result of his conversion?

  3. New directions
    What happened next?

  4. Antioch: capital city of the East
    Paul comes to Antioch
    The question of Paul's second visit to Jerusalem
    What about dates?

Part 2: Missionary Journeys and Letters

  1. Travels in and around Galatia
    What happened next according to Acts?
    What happened next according to Paul?
    Relating Acts and Galatians

  2. What is going on in Galatians?
    Paul's context and Paul's opponents
    How does Paul respond to these charges?

  3. What does Galatians tell us about Paul and Jesus?
    The cross and resurrection of Jesus
    Jesus as Son of God having the Spirit
    The kingdom of God
    The apostles
    The destruction of the temple and being crucified with Christ Love and the law

  4. Travelling in Greece
    On the way there
    Ministry in Greece according to Acts
    Ministry in Greece according to Paul's letters

  5. What is going on in 1 Thessalonians?
    A sigh of relief
    Issues raised by Timothy

  6. What does 1 Thessalonians tell us about Paul and Jesus?
    The Lord's future coming
    The judgement of the Jews
    The suddenness of the Lord's coming
    The kingdom and ethics

  7. A look at 2 Thessalonians
    Doubts about 2 Thessalonians
    Paul and Jesus in 2 Thessalonians

  8. Travelling on to Ephesus
    What happened next according to Acts?
    What happened next according to Paul?

  9. What is going on in 1 Corinthians?
    A spiritual church
    Women and men in Corinth
    Food matters
    Leadership issues
    Resurrection at last
    Chaos in Corinth!

  10. What does 1 Corinthians tell us about Paul and Jesus?
    The resurrection
    The Lord's Supper
    Sexual relations
    Baptism and the kingdom of God
    Faith, knowledge and charity
    Wisdom and revelation
    The Sermon on the Mount
    Church discipline
    Adam and the Son of Man
    The Lord's return

Part 3: Finishing the Story

  1. And so on
    The ongoing story in Acts
    Paul and Jesus in the later letters

  2. The true story
    The story of Paul in Acts
    The story of Jesus in Paul
    The true stories of Paul and Jesus

    Index of biblical references
    Index of subjects

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