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Character and Scripture: Moral Formation, Community, and Biblical Interpretation
Edited by William P. Brown

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Format: Paperback, 440pp.
ISBN: 0802846254
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: October 2002

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From The Publisher:

This volume by some of today's leading Christian thinkers sets forth the theological and ethical nature of scripture and explores the way in which the Bible plays a crucial role in the moral formation of community.

Covering a wide range of issues, these chapters demonstrate the useful and challenging intersection between biblical interpretation and ethics. The contributors investigate the formative impact scripture makes on its readers and examine the community's job of not only interpreting the biblical text but also integrating its moral character into the daily life of faith. This volume not only discusses these subjects in the most comprehensive manner yet, but it also offers practical examples of moral formation in action.

Contributors: C. Clifton Black, Richard G. Bowman, Alexandra R. Brown, William P. Brown, Walter Brueggemann, Lisa Sowle Cahill, J. Daryl Charles, Ellen T. Charry, Eric S. Christianson, Jill Y. Crainshaw, Ellen F. Davis, Stephen E. Fowl, Terence E. Fretheim, M. Patrick Graham, L. Ann Jervis, L. Gregory Jones, J. Clinton McCann Jr., Patrick D. Miller, Carol A. Newsom, Larry L. Rasmussen, Marcia Y. Riggs, William Schweiker


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Reader's Index

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About the Author

William P. Brown is the Aubrey Lee Brooks Professor of Biblical Theology at Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education, Richmond, Virginia.

Table of Contents

The Scope and Limits of Character Ethics
Christian Character, Biblical Community, and Human Values
Lisa Sowle Cahill
Formed and Transformed by Scripture: Character, Community, and Authority in Biblical Interpretation
L. Gregory Jones
Images of Scripture and Contemporary Theological Ethics
William Schweiker
Biblical Interpretation
The Good Neighborhood: Identity and Community through the Commandments
Patrick D. Miller
The Complexity of Character and the Ethics of Complexity: The Case of King David
Richard G. Bowman
A Character Ethics Reading of 1 Chronicles 29:1-25
M. Patrick Graham
Narrative Ethics, Character, and the Prose Tale of Job
Carol A. Newsom
"The Way of the Righteous" in the Psalms: Character Formation and Cultural Crisis
J. Clinton McCann, Jr.
The Pedagogy of Proverbs 10:1-31:9
William P. Brown
Preserving Virtues: Renewing the Tradition of the Sages
Ellen F. Davis
The Ethics of Narrative Wisdom: Qoheleth as Test Case
Eric S. Christianson
The Character of God in Jeremiah
Terence E. Fretheim
Ecumenism as the Shared Practice of a Peculiar Identity
Walter Brueggemann
The Education of Human Wanting: Formation by Pater Noster
C. Clifton Black
Character Formation or Character Transformation? The Challenge of Cruciform Exegesis for Character Ethics in Paul
Alexandra R. Brown
Accepting Affliction: Paul's Preaching on Suffering
L. Ann Jervis
Believing Forms Seeing: Formation for Martyrdom in Philippians
Stephen E. Fowl
The Function of Moral Typology in 2 Peter
J. Daryl Charles
"A Sharp Two-Edged Sword": Pastoral Implications of Apocalyptic
Ellen T. Charry
Embodied Remembering: Wisdom, Character, and Worship
Jill Y. Crainshaw
Sightings of Primal Visions: Community and Ecology
Larry L. Rasmussen
Character Ethics and Moral Education for Liberation
Marcia Y. Riggs
Index of Subjects and Names
Index of Scripture References

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