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One Bible, Many Voices: Different Approaches to Biblical Studies
Susan E. Gillingham

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Format: Paperback, 300pp.
ISBN: 0802846610
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: June 1999

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From The Publisher:

No single approach to reading the Bible can do justice to its complex history and content. There are as many different ways of understanding Scripture as there were people involved in its composition. One Bible, Many Voices offers a fascinating introduction to Scripture that shows students how best to read the Bible today.

Susan Gillingham first gives theological, historical, and literary insights into the development of Scripture and discusses each of the traditional approaches to biblical interpretation. She then advocates a pluralistic reading of Scripture that, in balancing the best from each approach, fully acknowledges the many voices that speak to us in the Bible. Finally, Gillingham uses Psalm 8 to illustrate how a pluralistic approach can enrich our understanding of Scripture.

An ideal text for biblical studies courses or enquiring readers, One Bible, Many Voices provides one of the most accessible and helpful guides to the Bible available.


In engaging and practical terms Gillingham discusses historical, literary, and theological approaches to the Bible. She also has extensive discussions on text and canon. Her crowning chapter is a synthetic one entitled “From Theory to Practice,” where she pulls together all of these interpretative strands into a lucid reading of Psalm 8. This is one of the first and best introductions to biblical interpretation that treats the postmodern situation of biblical studies seriously and constructively. It will make an excellent textbook in courses on exegesis and interpretation and for use in ecclesiastical study groups.
—Religious Studies Review

Susan E. Gillingham has written a useful and valuable resource for students seeking a better understanding of how to interpret the Bible.
—Southwestern Journal of Theology


readers index
Reader's Index

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About the Author

Susan E. Gillingham is Lecturer in theology at Worcester College in Oxford, England.

Table of Contents

1. A Biblical Library? The Smaller Parts of the Greater Whole
2. A Biblical Theology? Two Testaments, One Book?
3. A Biblical Corpus? The Canon and the Boundaries of Faith
4. A Biblical Text? The Variety of Versions

5. Theological Approaches to the Bible
6. Historical Approaches to the Bible
7. Literary Approaches to the Bible
8. The Many Voices in the Psalms
9. From Theory to Practice: Readings of Psalm 8

Table of Contents


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