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The Child in Christian Thought
Edited by Marcia J. Bunge

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Format: Paperback, 513pp.
ISBN: 0802846939
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: November 2000

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From The Publisher:

This volume offers the first major survey of the history of Christian thought on children. Each chapter, written by an expert in the field, discusses the particular perspectives on children held by influential theologians and Christian movements throughout church history, asking what resources they can contribute to a sound contemporary view of childhood and child-rearing. Intended for all readers, this needed book will be a valuable resource for laying the foundation for a new, more meaningful Christian view of childhood today.


This pathbreaking book provides a superb account of Christian theologians’ and leaders’ views of children across the centuries. The authors combine urgent concern for the well-being of children with impressive knowledge of a wide range of thinkers and historical periods. The Child in Christian Thought will both awaken theologians to a heretofore neglected topic and provide those who care for children with a wealth of insights, images, warnings, and resources. I am grateful to have a book of historical theology of such great relevance, passion, and excellence—and especially to have it on this most important of topics.
—Dorothy C. Bass

A seminal book on the history of Christian thinking on the child.
—Michael Welker


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Reader's Index

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About the Editor

Marcia J. Bunge is associate professor of theology and humanities at Christ College at Valparaiso University in Indiana.

Table of Contents

Series Forewordx
1.The Least and the Greatest: Children in the New Testament
Judith M. Gundry-Volf
2.The Ecclesial Family: John Chrysostom on Parenthood
Vigen Guroian
3."Where or When Was Your Servant Innocent?": Augustine on Childhood
Martha Ellen Stortz
4.A Person in the Making: Thomas Aquinas on Children and Childhood
Cristina L. H. Traina
5.The Child in Luther's Theology: "For What Purpose Do We Older Folks Exist, Other Than to Care for...the Young?"
Jane E. Strohl
6."The Heritage of the Lord":Children in the Theology of John Calvin
Barbara Pitkin
7.Complex Innocence, Obligatory Nurturance, and Parental Vigilence: "The Child" in the Work of Menno Simons
Keith Graber Miller
8."Wonderful Affection": Seventeenth-Century Missionaries to New France on Children and Childhood
Clarissa W. Atkinson
9.Education and the Child in the Eighteenth-Century German Pietism: Perspectives from the Work of A. H. Francke
Marcia J. Bunge
10.John Wesley and Children
Richard P. Heitzenrater
11.Children of Wrath, Children of Grace: Jonathan Edwards and the Puritan Culture of Child Rearing
Catherine A. Brekus
12."Be Converted and Become as Little Children": Friedrich Schleiermacher on the Religious Significance of Childhood
Dawn DeVries
13.Horace Bushnell's Christian Nurture
Margaret Bendroth
14.African American Children, "The Hope of the Race": Mary Church Terrell, the Social Gospel, and the Work of the Black Women's Club Movement
Marcia Y. Riggs
15.Reading Karl Barth on Children
William Werpehowski
16."Infinite Openness to the Infinite": Karl Rahner's Contribution to Modern Catholic Thought on the Child
Mary Ann Hinsdale
17."Let the Children Come" Revisited: Contemporary Feminist Theologians on Children
Bonnie J. Miller-Mclemore
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