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Bethsaida: A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee
Volume 1

Edited by Rami Arav and Richard A. Freund

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Format: Paperback, 338pp.
ISBN: 0943549868
Publisher: Truman State University Press
Pub. Date: 1995

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From The Publisher:

This first volume of a planned four-volume set reports the initial findings of the internationally recognized Bethsaida Excavations Project. The Project is uncovering one of the most important New Testament sites, lost to the world since the first century.

Bethsaida was where the apostles Peter and Andrew were born, home to Philip, and where Jesus performed miracles. It was in Bethsaida and neighboring towns where Jesus began his public ministry.

Chapters examine the finds of the first years of excavations, including pottery, coins, and much more, as well as Bethsaida's place in historical literature.

The second volume continues the effort of examining the findings and includes several over-sized maps.


"The volume is... well worth the attention of both archaeologists and NT scholars."
—Thomas R. W. Longstaff, Religious Studies Review

"The editors are to be congratulated for producing such a useful and timely volume... [They] have demonstrated that useful archaeological data can be published in an inexpensive, attractive form. They have mixed scientific reports with literary studies to provide a range of information that can be useful to most scholars.
—Victor H. Matthews, Biblical Archaeologist


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About the Author

Table of Contents

PART 1: Archaeology an Geology of Bethsaida

Rami Arav

Bethsaida Excavations: Preliminary Report, 1987-1993
John F. Shroder Jr. and Moshe Inbar
Geologic and Geographic Background to the Bethsaida
Sandra Fortner
Hellenistic and Roman Fineware from Bethsaida
Toni Tessaro
Hellenistic and Roman Ceramic Cooking Ware from Bethsaida
Baruch Brandl
An Israelite Bulla in Phoenician Style from Bethsaida
Fred Stricket
The Coins of Philip

PART 2: Literature of Bethsaida

Rami Arav

Bethsaida, Tzer, and the Fortified Cities of Naphtali
John T. Greene
Bethsaida-Julias in Roman and Jewish Military Strategies, 66-73 CE
Mark Appold
The Mighty Works of Bethsaida: Witness of the New Testament and Related Traditions
Heinz-Wolfgang Kuh
Bethsaida in the Gospels: The Feeding Story in Luke 9 and the Q Saying in Luke 10
John J. Rousseau
The Healing of a Blind Man
Richard A. Freund
The Search for Bethsaida in Rabbinic Literature

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