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The Dead Sea Scrolls Rediscovered: An Updated Look at One of Archaeology's Greatest Mysteries
Stephen Hodge

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Format: Paperback, 240pp.
ISBN: 1569753334
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Pub. Date: April 2003

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From The Publisher:

While providing a comprehensive introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls, this book also takes a fresh look at many controversial questions: Why were the scrolls written? Are they prophetic? How are they related to Christianity and Judaism? Stephen Hodge tells the amazing story of their discovery in 1947 as well as the historical drama being played out at the time they were written 2,000 years ago. Most significantly, he draws on fresh evidence on the subject of authorship and explores emerging theories. Unbiased and accessible, this book includes 8 pages of color photos and provides a riveting account of one of the most widely debated archaeological finds of the last century.



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About the Author

Stephen Hodge is a researcher and writer who specializes in ancient and Oriental religions and theology. He graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies, did M.A. research in Japan and teaches at the University of London. He is the author of The World of Zen, The Illustrated Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Piatkus Guide to Tibetan Buddhism. He lives in London.

Table of Contents

Part 1The Discovery of the Scrolls
2The Publication Saga19
Part 2The Historical Background
3The Maccabean Revolt and Hasmonean Rule31
4Judaea under the Roman Yoke52
Part 3The Contents of the Scrolls
5Dating the Scrolls67
6The Biblical Works79
7The Non-sectarian Works101
8The Sectarian Works113
Part 4Who Wrote the Scrolls?
9The Archaeology of Qumran135
10The Identity of the Community167
11The End of Days and Messianism211
Judaean Chronology231
Suggested Further Reading236

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