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O Jerusalem!
Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

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Format: Paperback, 640pp.
ISBN: 0671662414
Publisher: Touchstone Books
Pub. Date: May 1998

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From The Publisher:

Here is the classic retelling of the spellbinding events of the birth of Israel. Moment by moment, Collins and Lapierre weave a brilliant tapestry of shattered hopes, fierce pride, and breathtaking daring as the Arabs, Jews, and British collide in their fight for control of Jerusalem. O Jerusalem! meticulously recreates this historic struggle.

The Jews
From the commanders Ben Gurion and Golda Meir to the soldiers, rabbinical students, and refugees taken directly from their ships to fight

The Arabs
From the explosives expert planting bombs to the charismatic chieftain whose death in battle doomed the Arab cause but inspired a generation of Palestinians

The British
From the legacy of peacekeeping after General Allenby's conquest of Jerusalem to their departure in the face of the onslaught

O Jerusalem! is a towering testament to the fiery birth of Israel and an unforgettable tale of faith and violence, of betrayal and indomitable courage.


"Moving, fascinating, informative.... No other book on this subject...comes close to O Jerusalem!".
Los Angels Times

About the Authors

Larry Collins is author of Fall From Grace and co-author, with Dominique Lapierre, of the bestselling Is Paris Burning? and Or I'll Dress You in the Morning. For more than ten years he was a foreign coorespondent for UPI and then for Newsweek. He lives in France. Dominique Lapierre is the author of the bestselling City of Joy. He was for many years a senior reporter and editor for Paris Match. He lives in France.

Table of Contents


Part One
JERUSALEM: "A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance"
1. Decision at Flushing Meadow
2. "At Last We Are a Free People."
3. "Papa Has Returned."
4. Two Passengers To Prague
5. Two Peoples, Two Armies
6. "We Will Strangle Jerusalem."

Photograph Section

Part Two
JERUSALEM: A House Against Itself

7. "Are We Not Neighbors...?"
8. The Santa Claus of the Haganah
9. Journey to Absurdity
10. "Bab El Wad on the Road to the City
11. Golda Meir's Twenty-Five "Stephans"
12. "Salvation Comes From the Sky."
13. "We Shall Become As Hard As Stone."
14. A Flash Of White Light
15. An Unlikely Lawrence
16. The Haberdasher From Kansas City
17. The Convoy Will Not Arrive

Part Three
JERUSALEM: A City Besieged

18. A House In The Middle Of Hell
19. "Hang On To Jerusalem With Your Teeth."
20. Six Words On A Bumber
21. "One Of The Arabs We Killed Last Night"
22. The Peace Of Deir Yassin
23. "Shalom, My Dear . . ."
24. "Attack And Attack And Attack."
25. A Message From Glubb Pasha
26. "We Shall Come Back."
27. "Throw Stones And Die."
28. By Just One Vote
29. The Last Supper
30. The Fifth Day Of Iyar

Photograph Section

Part Four
JERUSALEM: A City Divided

31. "These Shall Stand."
32. "The Most Beautiful Month Of The Year."
33. "Go Save Jerusalem."
34. "A Lament For A Generation."
35. "Yosef Has Saved Jerusalem!"
36. "Take Latrun."
37. Ticket To A Promise Land
38. "Execute Your Task At All Costs."
39. The Wheatfields Of Latrun."
40. ". . . Remember Me Only In Happiness."
41. "Good Night And Goodbye From Jerusalem."
42. "We'll Open A New Road."
43. "The Arab People Will Never Forgive Us."
44. A Toast To The Living
45. The Thirty-Day Pause
46. The Flawed Trumpet

Biographical Notes
Chapter Notes
Photograph Credits

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