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Mentor, Message, and Miracles
A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Volume 2

John P. Meier

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Format: Hardcover , 1118pp.
ISBN: 9780300140330
Publisher: Yale University Press
Pub. Date: November 1994

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Item No: 9780300140330

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From The Publisher:

This book is the second volume in John Meier's masterful trilogy on the life of Jesus. In it he continues his quest for the answer to the greatest puzzle of modern religious scholarship: Who was Jesus? To answer this Meier imagines the following scenario: "Suppose that a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, and an agnostic were locked up in the bowels of the Harvard Divinity School library... and not allowed to emerge until they had hammered out a consensus document on who Jesus of Nazareth was and what he intended...". A Marginal Jew is what Meier thinks that document would reveal. Volume one concluded with Jesus approaching adulthood. Now, in this volume, Meier focuses on the Jesus of our memory and the development of his ministry. To begin, Meier identifies Jesus's mentor, the one person who had the greatest single influence on him, John the Baptist. All of the Baptist's fiery talk about the end of time had a powerful effect on the young Jesus and the formulation of his key symbol of the coming of the "kingdom of God." And, finally, we are given a full investigation of one of the most striking manifestations of Jesus's message: Jesus's practice of exorcisms, hearings, and other miracles. In all, Meier brings to life the story of a man, Jesus, who by his life and teaching gradually made himself marginal even to the marginal society that was first century Palestine.

Books in the A Marginal Jew Series:

A Marginal Jew Volume 1 – The Roots of the Problem and the Person
A Marginal Jew Volume 2 – Mentor, Message, and Miracles
A Marginal Jew Volume 3 – Companions and Competitors


"Superb scholarship. Unmasks other much-touted recent books on the historical Jesus as 'media hype.'"
—Raymond E. Brown, Professor Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary in New York

"Volume II has all the merits of Volume I: methodological rigor, abundant good sense, clear thinking, and lucid prose... All in all, an impressive achievement and an important book."
—Shaye J. D. Cohen, Brown University

"The second volume of A Marginal Jew is an extraordinary achievement! Massively learned and lucidly written, it surpasses even the high expectations provoked by the first volume and is destined to become an instant and indispensable classic"
—John S. Kselman, Weston School of Theology


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About the Author

John P. Meier, a Catholic priest, is a professor of the New Testament at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. He has been both president of the Catholic Biblical Association and the general editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly. He lives in South Bend, Indiana.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Volume Two
Part 1Mentor
12John Without Jesus: The Baptism in His Own Rite
13Jesus With and Without John
Part 2Message
14The Kingdom of God: God Coming in Power to Rule
Part I: Background
15The Kingdom of God: God Coming in Power to Rule
Part II: Jesus' Proclamation of a Future Kingdom
16The Kingdom of God: God Coming in Power to Rule
Part III: The Kingdom Already Present
Part 3Miracles
17Miracles and Modern Minds
18Miracles and Ancient Minds
19The Historicity of Jesus' Miracles: The Global Question
20Jesus' Exorcisms
21Jesus' Healings
22Raising the Dead
23The So-Called Nature Miracles
Conclusion to Volume Two
List of Abbreviations

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