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A History of the Synoptic Problem: The Canon, the Text, the Composition, and the Interpretation of the Gospels
David Laird Dungan

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Format: Hardcover, 544pp.
ISBN: 9780300140583
Publisher: Yale University Press
Pub. Date: May 1999

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From The Publisher:

Scholars and believers from the first century to the present have been troubled by the fact that differing, often sharply divergent, accounts of Jesus' life can be found in the Gospels. According to the Jesus Seminar, these Gospels are all based on the hypothetical Gospel of Q, supposedly a lost collection of Jesus' teachings. But what if the Jesus Seminar is wrong? What if the Gospel of Q simply never existed and was just invented, out of necessity, to resolve the tensions between Matthew, Mark, and Luke? In A History of the Synoptic Problem, David Laird Dungan provides a comprehensive history of this contentious debate from its beginning. The result is a book that challenges the status quo and its insistence on the priority of Mark and the existence of Q.


Dungan has provided a readable survey of this debate from its beginning to the present day. His questions are as valuable as his answers.
—Sara Gallant - The Christian Science Monitor

John"David Dungan's History of the Synoptic Problem for the first time sets the study of the Synoptic Problem within a larger framework of theological, ecclesiastical, ideological, and technological history, showing how the seemingly provincial issue of the interrelationship among the Gospels reflects and was influenced by much larger issues in cultural and intellectual history. Of particular value is Duncan's careful attention to the role that printed page technology in the form of Gospel synopses-Osiander, Griesbach, Tischendorf, Huck, Rushbrooke, and others-has played in discussions of the Synoptic Problem."
— John S. Kloppenborg Verbin - University of St. Michael's College, Toronto


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About the Author

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Part One: The First to the Fifth Century: Conflict and Consolidation
Part Two: The Creation of the Modern Historical-Critical Method
Part Three: Current Trends in the Post-Modern Period


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