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The Partings of the Ways: Between Christianity and Judaism and Their Significance for the Character of Christianity
James D. G. Dunn

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Format: Paperback, 368pp.
ISBN: 1563380226
Publisher: Trinity Press International
Pub. Date: 1991

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From The Publisher:

In this new book Professor Dunn explores the increasingly important questions of the emergence of Christian distinctiveness and the pulling apart of Christianity and Judaism in the frist century of our era.

After surveying the way in which these questions have been approached since the time of F.C. Baur in the nineteenth century, he presents the four pillars of Judaism: monotheism, election and land, Torah, Temple. Then he examines various issues which arose with the emergence of Jesus: Jesus and the temple; the Stephen affair, temple and cult in earliest Christianity; Jesus, Israel and the law; 'the end of the law'; and Jesus' teaching on God. The theme of 'one God, one Lord' and the controversy between Jews and Christians over the unity of God lead to a final chapter on the final parting of the ways.

As always in his writings, Professor Dunn presents the issues with clarity and sound judgement, drawing together the views and findings of others and adding his own. He will yet again be read by a wide audience, and students will be particularly in his debt.


About the Author

James D.G. Dunn is Lightfoot Professor of Divinity in the University of Durham.

Table of Contents

Introduction: from Baur to Sanders
The Four Pillars of Second Temple Judaism
Jesus and the Temple
A Temple 'made with hands'
A Temple 'made without hands'
Jesus, Covenant and Torah
Paul and 'covenantal nomism'
The Israel of God
Jesus and the One God
One God, One Lord
Is Christianity Monotheist? The first great christological debate
The Parting of the Ways

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