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Ephesos Metropolis of Asia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Its Archaeology, Religion, and Culture
Edited by Helmut Koester

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Format: Paperback, 357pp.
ISBN: 1563381567
Publisher: Trinity Press Intl
Pub. Date: January 1996

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From The Publisher:

This volume brings together studies of Ephesos by an international array of scholars from the fields of classics, fine arts, history of religion, New Testament, ancient Christianity and archaeology.

Table of Contents

Short Titles
The City of Ephesos from the Roman Period to Late Antiquity
By Peter Scherrer
Urban Development and Social Change in Imperial Ephesos
By L. Michael White
At Home in the City of Artemis: Religion in Ephesos in the Literary Imagination of the Roman Period
By Christine Thomas
Ephesos in Early Christian Literature
By Helmut Koester
Via Sacra Ephesiaca: New Aspects of the Cult of Artemis Ephesia
By Dieter Knibbe
The Professional Way in Ephesos as a Place of Cult and Burial
By Hilke Thur
Preliminary Views of the Ephesian Harbor
By Heinrich Zabehlicky
Subsidiary Factories of Italian Sigillata Potters: The Ephesian Evidence
By Susanne Zabehlicky-Scheffenegger
The Cult of the Roman Emperors in Ephesos: Temple Wardens, City Titles, and the Interpretation of the Revelation of John
By Steven Friesen
Sculptures of Gods and Heroes from Ephesos
By Maria Aurenhammer
Egyptian Religions in Ephesos
By James Walters
The Church of Mary and the Temple of Hadrian Olympios
By Stefan Karwiese
The Council of Ephesos: The Demise of the See of Ephesos and the Rise of the Cult of the Theotokos
By Vasiliki Limberis

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