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Paul: A Man of Two Worlds
C. J. den Heyer

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Format: Paperback, 320pp.
ISBN: 1563383012
Publisher: Trinity Pr Intl
Pub. Date: March 2000

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From The Publisher:

The apostle Paul is a controversial figure, both admired and reviled. His letters have influenced creeds and dogmatic statements, but he is also accused of turning the "simple" gospel that Jesus preached into a complex dogmatic system. Furthermore, on the authority of Paul, women have been given second place in church and society for many centuries. The "apostle to the Gentiles" has sometimes been a source of inspiration, but he has more often than not been a stumbling block when Jews and Christians meet.

This book tackles all of these and other issues surrounding Paul and presents him for the widest possible audience. With his enviable gift for clear and popular writing, C. J. den Heyer here takes on a particularly difficult task and shows great mastery in offering a detailed portrait of one of the most controversial figures in the ancient world.


...clear, concise...This is an excellent book for the church library, for Sunday school teachers, and pastors.
—Harold D. Lehman, reviewing for Provident Bookfinder, Jan/Feb 2001

... engaging and thought-provoking… consider afresh the theological, cultural, and psychological factors that shaped and defined the apostle and his ministry.
—Michael Barram, reviewing for Interpretation, April 2001


readers index
Reader's Index

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About the Author

C. J. den Heyer is Professor of New Testament at the Theological University of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

Table of Contents

A risky venture
The approach
The `historical' Paul
The historical Jesus
The authenticity of the letters: Hebrews
Thirteen or seven letters?
The letters and Acts
The life of Paul. Biographical information
A cosmopolitan
`I am a Jew'
`Born in Tarsus in Cilicia'
`Circumcised on the eighth day'
`Brought up at the feet of Gamaliel'
`As to the law a Pharisee'
A passionate zealot
`A thorn in the flesh'
Curriculum vitae
From persecutor to preacher
A `conversion'
The early Christian community
`I persecuted the community of God beyond measure'
An apocalyptist
An apocalyptic vision
Between Damascus and Antioch
The `unknown' years
Dependent on the tradition
The scandal of the cross
In search of continuity
The Torah
It began in Antioch
The early Christian community in Antioch
Conflict between Peter and Paul
A meeting at Jerusalem
The apostle to the Gentiles
The first letter to the Thessalonians
The beginning of the second missionary journey
The community of Thessalonica
The first letter to the community of Thessalonica
Correspondence with the community in Corinth (I)
From Corinth to Ephesus
Tnsions in Ephesus
The community of Corinth
How many letters did Paul write to Corinth?
The Christian community of Corinth
The content of the first letter to Corinth
The first letter to the community in Philippi
In prison in Ephesus
The unity of the letter
Paul and the city of Philippi
The content of letter A
Letter to Philemon
A second letter from prison
A personal letter
Paul and slavery
Correspondence with the community in Corinth (II)
Paul departs from Ephesus
The `tearful letter'
II Corinthians
The second letter to the community of Philippi
Growing opposition in Macedonia and Greece
The content of letter B
The letter to the Galatians
Paul in Galatia
The occasion for writing the letter
The content of the letter
The letter to the community in Rome
A different kind of letter
The community of Rome
Travel plans
Contextual theology
Strengths and weakness in the community in Rome
Jews and Gentiles
`The righteous shall live by faith'
A retrospect
Index of biblical references

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