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Crossing Galilee: Architectures of Contact in the Occupied Land of Jesus
Marianne Sawicki

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Format: Paperback, 272pp.
ISBN: 1563383071
Publisher: Trinity Press International
Pub. Date: May 2000

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From The Publisher:

Recent books about Jesus and early Christianity can be divided into two kinds: those that examine the life and work of the historical Jesus prior to his death and those that reconstruct events between Jesus' death and the writings of the first Gospels. Sawicki's provocative book challenges the results of both kinds of research by using both archaeology and anthropology to situate Jesus clearly in his Galilean cultural context.

Sawicki contests recent portraits of Jesus as a Mediterranean peasant, a Cynic sage, or the convener of a fellowship of equals. In addition, she calls into question readings of ancient Galilee that emphasize it as a society marked simply by economic stratification or by an "honor-shame" sociology. Rather, she discovers the Galilean Jesus' indigenous cultural idiom in its material structures for the negotiation of kinship, the management of labor, the distribution of commodities, and the construction of gender.

Sawicki's book is the first to balance classical urban archaeology against the more recent archaeology of villages and of local and regional commerce. It frames current issues in Jesus research in terms that can guide both ongoing village excavations in Israel and responsible exegesis of the Gospels in church and academy.


"With her disciplined imagination and lucid prose, Marianne Sawicki invites us into the alternative culture of first-century Galilee. Archaeology, anthropology, and exegesis are here coordinated to construct fascinating options in the historical understanding of Jesus and Christian origins."
—Bruce Chilton, Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion, Bard College


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About the Author

Marianne Sawicki is the author of Seeing the Lord: Resurrection and Early Christian Practices.

Table of Contents

1A Reorientation of Jesus Studies
2Containment Designs in the Kinneret Region
3What Moved Across Galilee
4The Trouble With Models
5Material Mindscapes to Be Read
6Spatial Management Strategies
7Israel as Little Italy
8Salting the Earth
9A Kingdom of Contact
10Bibliographical Commentary

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