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Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels
Pheme Perkins

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Format: Hardcover, 312pp.
ISBN: 9780802817709
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Pub. Date: October 15, 2007

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From The Publisher:

In this book respected New Testament scholar Pheme Perkins delivers a clear, fresh, informed introduction to the earliest written accounts of Jesus — Matthew, Mark, and Luke — situating those canonical Gospels within the wider world of oral storytelling and literary production of the first and second centuries. Cutting through the media confusion over new Gospel finds, Perkins’s Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels presents a balanced, responsible look at how the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke came to be and what they mean.



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About the Author

Pheme Perkins is professor of New Testament in the Theology Department at Boston College. Among her many published books are Reading the New Testament, Gnosticism and the New Testament, Galatians and the Politics of Faith and Peter: Apostle for the Whole Church.

Table of Contents


  1. What Is a Gospel?

  2. Ancient Biography
    Gospels and Apostles—A Key Combination
    Mark’s Innovation: Framing the Ministry and the Passion
    Matthew and Luke Improve on the Model
    Note: Alternate Suggestions for Genre
    Note: The Four-Gospel Canon

  3. Books and Believers in Early Christianity

  4. Early Christianity as an Explosion of Texts
    How Books Were Written
    How the Gospel Texts Have Come Down to Us
    When Texts Differ: What the Text Critic Contributes
    The Septuagint: Scripture Cited in the Gospels
    Marcion and the Idea of a Second-Century “Canon”

  5. The Quest for Sources

  6. From a Synopsis: Comparing the Synoptic Gospels
    From Q and the Gospel of Thomas to Sayings Gospels
         Is It a Gospel?
         Strata in Q
         The Community Responsible for Q

    Form Criticism
         The Shape and Function of Sayings and Stories
         Sayings Material
         Parables and Similitudes
         Miracle Stories
         The Passion Narrative
    Gospel of Peter and the Development of the Passion Narrative

  7. Reading Mark’s Gospel

  8. From Beginning to End: Mark’s Narrative Shape
    Literary Features of Mark’s Narrative
    Characters in the Gospel
    Jesus in Mark’s Gospel
    The Community Implied in Mark’s Narrative
    Endings Added to the Gospel of Mark
    A Secret Version of Mark?

  9. Reading Matthew’s Gospel

  10. From Beginning to End: Matthew’s Narrative Shape
    Literary Features in Matthew’s Narrative
    Characters in the Gospel
    Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel
    The Community Implied in Matthew’s Narrative
    Jewish Christian Gospel Traditions

  11. Reading Luke’s Gospel

  12. From Beginning to End: Luke’s Narrative Shape
    Literary Features of Luke’s Narrative
    Characters in the Gospel
    Jesus in Luke’s Gospel
    The Community Implied in Luke’s Narrative
    Mary Traditions and Other Infancy Gospels
    The Reception and Revision of the Gospel of Luke

  13. Gospels from the Second and Third Centuries

  14. A Mixture of Traditions: Oral and Written
    Apocryphal Gospels and Reading the Synoptics
    Gnostic “Gospels” from the Second and Third Centuries
    The Gospel of Judas
    P. Berol. 22220: The “Gospel of the Savior”
    The Question of Genre Revisited


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