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The Sage from Galilee: Rediscovering Jesus' Genius
Replaces Jesus 3rd Edition

David Flusser with R. Steven Notley

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Format: Paperback, 191pp.
ISBN: 9780802825872
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Pub. Date: 4 Revised edition August 13, 2007

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Item No: 9780802825872

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From The Publisher:

Introduction by James H. Charlesworth

This new edition of David Flusser's classic study of the historical Jesus, revised and updated by his student and colleague R. Steven Notley, will be welcomed everywhere by students and scholars of early Christianity and Judaism. Reflecting Flusser's mastery of ancient literary sources and modern archaeological discoveries, The Sage from Galilee offers a fresh, informed biographical portrait of Jesus in the context of Jewish faith and life in his day.

Including a chronological table (330 BC – AD 70), and twenty-eight illustrations, The Sage from Galilee is the culmination of nearly six decades of study by one of the world's foremost Jewish authorities on the New Testament and early Christianity. Both Jewish and Christian readers will find challenge and new understanding in these pages.


“Flusser is not only brilliant and thoroughly familiar with all classical sources, Jewish sources, and later Christian sources that bear on our understanding of Jesus; he is also passionately concerned that the historical Jesus be taken seriously. He readily admits that he, an observant Jew, personally identifies himself with the worldview of Jesus, both moral and political: 'The content of Jesus' teachings and the approach he embraced have always had the potential to change our world and prevent the greatest part of evil and suffering.' For years I have been recommending this as the best book on Jesus available. No better way to discover the Jewishness of Jesus and possible links to Qumran than to read this book.”
—William Klassen, in Religious Studies Review


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About the Authors

David Flusser was the professor of Early Christianity and Judaism of the Second Temple Period at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Flusser is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. He is a recipient of the Israel Prize (1980), awarded by the State of Israel. In 1989 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Theology by the Catholic Faculty of Theology of Lucerne, Switzerland. His books include Jesus and Judaism and the Origins of Christianity. He has published over 1000 articles in Hebrew, German, English, and other languages. He died on his 83rd birthday on September 15 2000.

Dr. R. Steven Notley is a professor in New Testament at the Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, Israel. He is the author of many articles and collaborated with Professor David Flusser of the Hebrew University on a recent study entitled Jesus. This volume seeks to trace the life of Jesus in light of the Jewish literary and archaeological sources.

Table of Contents

Foreword by R. Steven Notleyviii
Introducing David Flusser’s Jesus by James H. Charlesworthxiv
1The Sources1
7The Kingdom of Heaven76
8The Son97
9The Son of Man107
Chronological Table166
Index of Subjects177
Index of Scripture References183

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