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What Are the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Do They Matter?
David Noel Freedman and Pam Fox Kuhlken

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Format: Paperback, 128pp.
ISBN: 9780802844248
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Pub. Date: March 15, 2007

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From The Publisher:

The Dead Sea Scrolls are again on exhibit, and thousands of people will journey to see them. But will these folks understand what they see? There are plenty of scholarly volumes on the Dead Sea Scrolls, full of indexes, footnotes, and jargon for those in the know. But what about the majority of the population — nonspecialists who just want a basic understanding of what the Dead Sea Scrolls are and why they’re so important? That’s where this little book comes in.

David Noel Freedman and Pam Fox Kuhlken here offer an informed, inside look at these significant ancient texts. Full of humor and behind-the-scenes glimpses into research on the Scrolls, What Are the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Do They Matter? is a fascinating, accessible guidebook — perfect for any reader seeking a brief, quality introduction to this inscrutable subject.
  • Questions addressed run the gamut from general to paranoid to somewhat cynical. Here’s a sampling: What are the Dead Sea Scrolls all about?
  • Who wrote them, why, and in what languages?
  • How do scholars reconstruct a biblical text?
  • Have the Scrolls changed our understanding of any passages in the Bible?
  • Do the Scrolls tell us when the world will end?
  • How has technology improved our ability to study the Scrolls?
  • How much would a Scroll fragment sell for on eBay today?



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About the Authors

David Noel Freedman holds the Endowed Chair in Hebrew Biblical studies at the University of California in San Diego. He is the author or editor of numerous publications, including the Anchor Bible Project, the Eerdmans Critical Commentary, and the Bible in Its World Series and has been a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar for over fifty years.

Pam Fox Kuhlken is assistant professor of English at Arizona Western College and teaches in the graduate Creative Writing Program at Perelandra College.

Table of Contents

Introducing the Dead Sea Scrollsix
What's All the Fuss About?1
The Greatest Archaeological Find of the Twentieth Century: A 2,000-Year-Old Time Capsule13
The Ancient Book Club23
Show Me the Money: Buried Treasure and Other Mysteries31
The Dead Sea Is Deathly Hot . . . Why There?35
The End of the World and the Battle Between Good and Evil45
Translating Translations and Copying Copies53
What If the Bible Is Just Another Fragment?
A Primer on Textual Criticism
Do We Have the Wrong Hebrew Bible?
A Primer on Source Criticism
Surreal Theologians: Belief and Practice at Qumrân78
The Dead Sea Scrolls, the New Testament, and Early Christianity92
The Beginning of the End101
What’s Next?108
A Dead Sea Scrolls Glossary112
David Noel Freedman’s Select Bibliography on the Dead Sea Scrolls129

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