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The New Perspective on Paul
James D. G. Dunn

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Format: Paperback, 539pp.
ISBN: 9780802845627
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Pub. Date: Revised edition November 15, 2007

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Item No: 9780802845627

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From The Publisher:

This collection of essays highlights a dimension of Paul's theology of justification that has been neglected — that his teaching emerged as an integral part of his understanding of his commission to preach the gospel to non-Jews and that his dismissal of justification "by works of the law" was directed not so much against Jewish legalism but rather against his fellow Jews' assumption that the law remained a dividing wall separating Christian Jews from Christian Gentiles.

James Dunn seeks to carry forward the debate on Jewish soteriology, on the relation of justification by faith to judgment "according to works," on Christian fulfillment of the law, and on the crucial role of Christ, his death and resurrection. Full of detail and intriguing thought, Dunn's collection will enlighten any scholar of the New Testament.


“James Dunn is one of the most prominent representatives of British New Testament scholarship. He has contributed to many debates of the last four decades. Dunn will certainly be remembered for his contributions to what has become known and widely accepted as the ‘new perspective on Paul,’ which he has described, developed, and shaped to this day. . . . No serious student of Paul can afford to ignore this new perspective and the various discussions it has engendered.”

“This book is a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to become acquainted in particular with the work of James Dunn, and in general with the so-called ‘new perspective’ on Paul.”
—European Journal of Theology

“James Dunn’s contribution to the so-called ‘new perspective’ on Paul is both well-known and voluminous — literally, as this book demonstrates! . . . A number of these [essays] have had a strong impact on Pauline studies. To have them assembled into a single volume is a useful addition to one’s library. For those who have many of these articles in previous publications, it is well worth reading the introduction to gain a new perspective on the new perspective.”


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About the Author

Widely regarded as one of the foremost scholars in the world today on the thought and writings of St. Paul, James D. G. Dunn is Lightfoot Professor Emeritus of Divinity at the University of Durham in England. Professor Dunn is the author of numerous books about the New Testament, including several important commentaries on various epistles of Paul. Among these commentaries are Romans (Word Biblical Commentary, 2 vols.), Galatians (Black's New Testament Commentaries), and Colossians and Philemon (New International Greek Testament Commentary).

Table of Contents


  1. The New Perspective on Paul: whence, what, and whither?
  2. The New Perspective on Paul (1983)
  3. Works of the Law and the Curse of the Law (Gal. 3.10-14) (1985)
  4. The New Perspective on Paul: Paul and the Law (1988)
  5. What was the Issue between Paul and “Those of the Circumcision”? (1991)
  6. The Theology of Galatians: The Issue of Covenantal Nomism (1991)
  7. The Justice of God: A Renewed Perspective on Justification by Faith (1991)
  8. Yet Once More — “The Works of the Law”: A Reponse (1992)
  9. Echoes of Intra-Jewish Polemic in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians (1993)
  10. How New was Paul’s Gospel? The Problem of Continuity and Discontinuity (1994)
  11. Was Paul against the Law? The Law in Galatians and Romans: A Test-Case of Text in Context (1995)
  12. In Search of Common Ground (2001)
  13. “Neither Circumcision Nor Uncircumcision, but . . .” (Gal. 5.2-12; 6.12-16; cf. 1 Cor. 7.17-20) (1996)
  14. 4QMMT and Galatians (1997)
  15. Paul’s Conversion — A Light to Twentieth Century Disputes (1997)
  16. Paul and Justification by Faith (1997)
  17. Whatever Happened to “Works of the Law”? (1998)
  18. Jesus the Judge: Further Thoughts on Paul’s Christology and Soteriology (2001)
  19. Noch einmal “Works of the Law”: The Dialogue Continues (2002)
  20. Did Paul have a Covenant Theology? Reflections on Romans 9.4 and 11.27 (2004)
  21. Paul and the Torah (2004)
  22. Philippians 3.2-14 and the New Perspective on Paul
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