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But Is It All True? The Bible and the Question of Truth
Edited by Alan G. Padgett and Patrick R. Keifert

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Format: Paperback, 175pp.
ISBN: 9780802863164
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Pub. Date: February 15, 2006

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From The Publisher:

Fundamental to Christian faith is the assumption that the Bible presents a true and reliable portrait of God and God’s will for the world. Yet thoughtful believers and nonbelievers alike continue to inquire into the nature and veracity of Scripture, with the result that the Bible is viewed today as everything from infallible to mythological.

This significant book tackles the central question of what Christianity means when it claims that the Bible is true. Written by nine Christian scholars from the disciplines of theology, biblical studies, and philosophy, these penetrating chapters reject stale, simplistic answers in favor of fresh, invigorating perspectives that leave ample room for dialogue. In addition, several contributors helpfully move the discussion from reflection to practical application, explaining the role of biblical truth in preaching and theological education.


David Bartlett
Ellen T. Charry
Stephen T. Davis
Patrick R. Keifert
Ben C. Ollenburger
Dennis T. Olson
Alan G. Padgett
Mark I. Wallace
Nicholas Wolterstorff



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About the Editors

Alan G. Padgett is a theologian and philosopher with a lifelong interest in the sciences. He is professor of systematic theology at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, where he teaches courses in science and theology. Among his other books are God and Time: Four Views and God, Eternity, and the Nature of Time. Patrick R. Keifert is professor of systematic theology at Luther Seminary and the author of Talking about Our Faith and Welcoming the Stranger: A Public Theology of Worship and Evangelism.

Table of Contents




    Alan G. Padgett and Patrick R. Keifert

  1. Truth and the Torah: Reflections on Rationality and the Pentateuch
    Dennis T. Olson
  2. True Words
    Nicholas Wolterstorff
  3. Pursuing the Truth of Scripture: Reflections on Wolterstorff's Divine Discourse
    Ben C. Ollenburger
  4. The Rule of Love and the Testimony of the Spirit in Contemporary Biblical Hermeneutics
    Mark I. Wallace
  5. What Do We Mean When We Say, "The Bible Is True"?
    Stephen T. Davis
  6. "I Am the Truth": An Understanding of Truth from Christology for Scripture
    Alan G. Padgett
  7. Preaching the Truth
    David Bartlett
  8. Biblical Truth and Theological Education: A Rhetorical Strategy
    Patrick R. Keifert
  9. Walking in the Truth: On Knowing God
    Ellen T. Charry
  10. Index of Names

    Index of Scripture References

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