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James H. Charlesworth Series Editor
From BIBAL Press

This exciting new series provides a comprehensive overview of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Early Christianity, Judaism in Jesus' time, the political, social, and religious environment of the Early Christian world, and related subjects-all from biblical archaeological and theological perspectives. Amply illustrated and written in lively, non-technical language that requires no prior knowledge of the subject, each volume will be the work of one of the world's leading scholars. It's like having world-famous authorities in your own living room, explaining fascinating topics in easy-to-understand terms.

The general editor of the series is Prof. James H. Charlesworth, one of the world's leading experts on the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has personally selected the titles in the series both for their scholarship and their accessibility to non-specialists.

Each volume in the series has a four-color paperback cover, is about 96 pages in length, and has several black & white illustrations. The first volume was published in January 1998, and subsequent volumes will become available at about six to eight week intervals.

Volume 1
Of Two Minds Ecstasy and Inspired Interpretation in the New Testament World

by John R. Levison
Item # 3774-6
Volume 2
Authentic Apocrypha: False and Genuine Christian Apocrypha

by James Charlesworth
Item # 3763-0
Volume 3
How Barisat Bellowed: Folklore, Humor and Iconography in the Jewish Apocalypses and the Apocalypse of John

by James Charlesworth
Item # 3764-9
Volume 4
Jesus In the Eyes of His Followers

by Petr Pokorny
Item # 3765-7
Volume 5
Scriptural Allusions in the New Testament

by Dale C. Allison
Item # 3778-9
Volume 6
Pseudepigraphical Images in Early Art by Massimo Bernabo, Ph.D.

by Massimo Bernabo, Ph.D.
Item # 3785-1

Other planned titles (in alphabetical order):

Another Davidson Affair: The Son of David is Solomon
The Apocalypse of John: Its Theology and Influence on Christian Apocrypha
The Archaeology of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Bethsaida and Biblical Archaeology
Biblical Archaeology: An Introduction
Fearless Awe: The Christology of Awe
The Foreground of the Background: Jewish Messianism and the Origins of Christology
Jesus, Messianism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Last Days in Jerusalem
Light Over Darkness: The Fourth Gospel and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Loving the Beloved: The Spirituality of the Odes of Solomon
A Missing Link in Christian Theology: Christian Origins and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Moving Semitic Prose: Jesus and His Contemporary, Hillel
Much Water There: John the Baptizer and the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Origin of Jewish Mysticism
Paul and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Sepphoris and the Palestinian Jesus Movement
Spirituality Matters: The Theology of the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Symbolism of the Land
The Way in the Wilderness: The History of the Dead Sea Scrolls Community
And More!
(Order of publication not yet determined; specific titles are subject to change)

James Charlesworth Authors:

James Charlesworth, Editor, The Dead Sea Scrolls & Christian Origins Library. Editor, Dead Sea Scrolls Project, Princeton Theological Seminary

Phillip Alexander, Professor of Biblical Studies, University of Manchester

Rami Arav, Director of Bethsaida Excavations Project

Magen Broshi, Curator Emeritus, Shrine of the Book, Jerusalem
Joseph Dan, Professor, Hebrew University
Michal Dayagi-Mendels, Curator of Biblical Antiquities, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Karl Donfried, Professor, Smith College
Craig Evans, Professor, Trinity Western University
Isaiah Gafni, Professor, Hebrew University
John R. Levison, Professor, Duke University Divinity School
Joseph Peeples, President, Jerusalem Historical Society
Petr Pokorny, Professor, Charles University, Prauge
James Strange, Professor of Bible and Director of the University of South Florida Excavations at Sepphoris
James Tabor, Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Shemaryahu Talmon, J. L. Magnes Professor of the Bible, Emeritus, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Geza Vermes, Professor Emeritus of Jewish Studies, University of Oxford

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