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Maps of the
Roman World in
the First Century C.E.

The world of the First Century was Roman. Loved or hated, Rome's power was absolute.

In the province of Judea, all was not well. Constant friction between the subjects there and the often corrupt Roman govenors, created a continuously agitated state of affairs. At the death of Herod the Great in 4 BC, the time was ripe for a deliverer to rise up and release the populace from the hold of Rome. Two attempts were made in AD 66 and again in AD 132. The Second Revolt in AD 132 only completed the devestation that was not accomplished at the end of the First Revolt.

On January 28 AD 98, Trajan was declared Caesar. By the end of the first century, Trajan had gained wide spread popularity with the people of Rome due to his public works and generousity with the poor. Trajan led successful military campaigns on a foriegn policy of expansion. By his death on August 8 AD 117, when the new emperor Hadrain took over, the Roman Empire was at its greatest size.

8 C.E.
The Roman World During the Reign of Augustus Caesar

Roman World AD8

47 C.E.
The Roman World During the Reign of Claudius

Roman World AD47

117 C.E.
The Roman World at the End of the Reign of Trajan

Roman World AD117

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