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The Early Biblical Period: Historical Essays
Benjamin Mazar

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Format: Hardcover, 266pp.
ISBN: 9652210056
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub
Pub. Date: March 1985

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From The Publisher:

On the occasion of Prof. Mazar's 80th birthday, it's only appropriate to publish a collection of articles intended to illustrate the special brand of research which he pioneered and to which he devoted his academic career. All the articles in this volume are revised versions of previously published studies, the first of which appeared in 1945. Already in 1938, Benjamin Maisler (Mazar), in his publication The History of Eretz-lsrael 1 (Hebrew), established the study of the Land of Israel and its early history, especially during the biblical period, as a scholarly discipline. He introduced a new interdisciplinary dimension to this field. His was a method of research which effected a synthesis between the history, archaeology, and historical-geography of the land. The data gleaned from the newly developing field of archaeology were always taken into consideration. Not only was the biblical text analyzed, but the epigraphic sources of the ancient Near East were also evaluated.

We hope that this volume of essays some of which have not previously appeared in English will serve to epitomize the progress made in studying the ancient history of Eretz-lsrael during the past half century. In spite of the abundance of new evidence, Prof. Mazar's studies continue to be of great value, because they raise the basic questions and identify the central issues.



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About the Author

Table of Contents


The Middle Bronge Age in Canaan
The Early Israelite Settlement in the Hill Country
The Historical Background of the Book of Genesis
The Philistines and the Rise of Israel and Tyre
The Military Elite of King David
The Cities of the Territory of Dan
Geshur and Maachah
King David's Scribe and the High Officialdom of the United Monarchy of Israel
Pharaoh Shishak's Campaign to the Land of Israel
The Aramean Empire and Its Relations with Israel
The Historical Background of the Samaria Ostraca
Lebo-hamath and the Northern Border of Canaan
Beth-she'arim, Gaba and Harosheth of the Gentiles
The Phoenicians in the Levant
The Phoenician Inscriptions from Byblos and the Evolution of the Phoenician - Hebrew Alphabet


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