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Exploring The New Testament World: An Illustrated Guide To The World Of Jesus And The First Christians
Albert A. Bell, Jr.

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Format: Paperback, 322pp.
ISBN: 0785214240
Publisher: Nelson Reference
Pub. Date: September 1998

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From The Publisher:

To understand the New Testament fully, we need a thorough knowledge of the world that shaped its writing. In the world of the first century, Jewish, Greek, and Roman cultures mingled and collided in fascinating ways. But how can we know that world after almost 2,000 years?

Drawing especially on information not available directly from the New Testament, Exploring the New Testament World plunges you into the social, religious, intellectual, and political dimensions of that time.

It describes how people in the time of Jesus and the first Christians dressed, ate, worshiped, learned, worked, traveled, and related to government. In addition, this powerful guide helps you think like a first-century follower of Jesus.

Many confusing New Testament ideas or expressions become clear as you explore background material that is writers took for granted. Author Albert A. Bell, Jr. explains many of these puzzles with an accuracy that scholars will respect and an ease of understanding that will satisfy readers who are not experts in the Bible or ancient history.

Exploring the New Testament World is illustrated throughout, enhanced by Professor Bell's own tranlstion of relevant Greek and Latin sources, documented with notes that invited further study, and supplemented by author, Scripture, and subject indexes for quick reference. Ministers, Bible teachers, professors, and all Bible students will find Bell's work to be a must-have New Testament companion.

Table of Contents

1. Why This Book?
2. The Judaic Background of the New Testament
3. "The Powers That Be"
4. Roman Law and the New Testament
5. Greco-Roman Religion
6. Greco-Roman Philosophy
7. The Structures of Greco-Roman Society
8. Greco-Roman Morality and Personal Relations
9. Time, Distance, and Travel in the Roman World
10. Knowing and Believing

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