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The Social Setting of Jesus and the Gospels
Edited by Wolfgang Stegemann, Bruce J. Malina and Gerd Theissen

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Format: Paperback, 288pp.
ISBN: 0800634527
Publisher: Fortress Press
Pub. Date: December 2002

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From The Publisher:

What do the social sciences have to contribute to the study of Jesus and the Gospels? This is the fundamental question that these essays all address—from analyses of ancient economics to altered states of consciousness, politics, ritual, kinship, and labeling.

Contributors: Bruce J. Malina, Wolfgang Stegemann, Richard L. Rohrbaugh, Ekkehard W. Stegemann, Gerd Theissen, T. Raymond Hobbs, Dennis C. Duling, K. C. Hanson, Philip F. Esler, S. Scott Bartchy, John J. Pilch, Christian Strecker, Richard DeMaris, Stuart L. Love, Jerome H. Neyrey, Douglas E. Oakman, Gary Stansell, Santiago Oporto Guijarro.


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About the Author

Wolfgang Stegemann is Rektor and Professor of New Testament at the Augustana Hochschule, Neuendettelsau, Germany; he is the co-author of The Jesus Movement: A Social History of Its First Century (Fortress Press, 1999).

Bruce J. Malina is Professor of New Testament at Creighton University, author of The Social Gospel of Jesus(Fortress Press, 2000) and co-author of Social Science Commentary on the Book of Revelation (Fortress Press, 2000).

Gerd Theissen is Professor of New Testament at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and the author of The Religion of the Earliest Churches (Fortress Press, 1999).

Table of Contents

Introductory Perspectives
1.Social-Scientific Methods in Historical Jesus Research
Bruce J. Malina
2.Ethnocentrism and Historical Questions about Jesus
Richard L Rohrbaugh
3.The Contextual Ethics of Jesus
Wolfgang Stegemann
Social-Psychological Perspectives
4.Jesus as Fatherless Child
Andries van Aarde
5.Jesus Heals the Hemorrhaging Woman
Stuart L. Love
6.Altered States of Consciousness in the Synoptics
John J. Pilch
7.Jesus and the Demoniacs
Christian Strecker
Social-Boundary Concerns
8.The Baptism of Jesus: A Ritual-Critical Approach
Richard E. DeMaris
9.The Politics of Exorcism
Santiago Guijarro
10.The Historical Jesus and Honor Reversal at the Table
S. Scott Bartchy
11.Jesus and the Reduction of Intergroup Conflict
Philip F. Esler
12.The Plague of Uncleanness?
The Ancient Illness Construct "Issue of Blood" in Luke 8:43-48
Annette Weissenrieder
Politics and Political Religion
13.The Political Dimension of Jesus' Activities
Gerd Theissen
14.The Political Jesus: Discipleship and Disengagement
T. Raymond Hobbs
15.Jesus and the Social Bandits
K. C. Hanson
16.The Jesus Movement and Network Analysis
Dennis C. Duling
Politcs and Political Economy
17.Money in the Moral Universe of the New Testament
Douglas E. Oakman
18.Gifts, Tributes, and Offerings
Gary Stansell
An Overview of the Task
19.The Gospels in Comparison with the Pauline Letters: What We Can Learn from Social-Scientific Models
Albert Verdoodt
Index of Ancient Sources
Index of Subjects
Index of Authors

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