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Judaism and the Origins of Christianity
David Flusser

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Format: Hardcover, 725pp.
ISBN: 9652336276
Publisher: Magnes Press
Pub. Date: December 1988

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From The Publisher:

For more than three decades, Professor David Flusser of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has pioneered new understandings of the Jewish background of early Christianity. Many have been fascinated by his unique monograph on Jesus, translated into several languages. Now most of his scholarly articles in English, including some new contributions as well as many published in not easily accessible journals, have been collected in this one volume. A must for New Testament scholars and students of early Judaism, it will also be welcomed by the many lay persons for whom Professor Flusser has provided illumination on the origins of Christian faith.

About the Author

David Flusser was the professor of Early Christianity and Judaism of the Second Temple Period at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Flusser is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. He is a recipient of the Israel Prize (1980), awarded by the State of Israel. In 1989 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Theology by the Catholic Faculty of Theology of Lucerne, Switzerland. His books include Jesus and Judaism and the Origins of Christianity. He has published over 1000 articles in Hebrew, German, English, and other languages. He died on his 83rd birthday on September 15 2000.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Sigla

PART I The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament
The Apocryphal Book of Ascensio Isaiae and the Dead Sea Sect
2 Healing through the Laying-on of Hands in a Dead Sea Scroll
3 The Dead Sea Sect and Pre-Pauline Christianity
4 From the Essenes to Romans 9:24-33
5 A: Two Notes on the Midrash on 2 Sam. vii
    B: Appendix
6 Blessed are the Poor in Spirit...
7 Some Notes to the Beatitudes
8 The Magnificat, the Benedictus and the War Scroll
9 Jesus' Opinion about the Essenes
10 The Slave of Two Masters (by David Flusser and Shmuel Safrai)
11 Qumran und die Zwölf
12 Melchizedek and the Son of Man
13 The Social Message from Qumran
14 The Last Supper and the Essenes.
15 The Hubris of the Antichrist in Fragment from Qumran
16 Qumran and Jewish 'Apotropaic' Prayers

PART II Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic

17 Salvation Present and Future
18 Messianology and Christology in the Epistle to the Hebrews
19 Messianic Blessings in Jewish and Christian Texts (by Brad Young and David Flusser)
20 "At the Right Hand of Power"
21 The Essene Doctrine of Hypostasis and Rabbi Meir (by David Flusser and Shmuel Safrai)
22 The Four Empires in the Fourth Sibyl and in the Book of Daniel
23 The Fourth Empire - an Indian Rhinoceros?
24 A Quotation from the Ghathas in a Christian Sibylline Oracle
25 An Early Jewish-Christian Document in the Tiburtine Sibyl
26 Hystaspes and John of Patmos
27 No Temple in the City

PART III Ancient Judaism and Christianity

28 A: A New Sensitivity in Judaism and the Christian Message
     B: Johanan Ben Zakkai and Matthew
29 A: A Rabbinic Parallel to the Sermon on the Mount
     B: The Didache and the Noachic Commandements
30 Hillel's Self-Awareness and Jesus
31 "I am in the Midst of Them" (Mt. 18:20)
32 Jesus and the Sign of the Son of Man
33 A Lost Jewish Benediction in Matthew 9:8
34 "It is not a Serpent that Kills"
35 Two Anti-Jewish Montages in Matthew
36 Matthew's "Verus Israel"
37 The Crucified One and the Jews
38 A: A Literary Approach to the Trial of Jesus
    B: What was the Original Meaning of Ecce Homo?
    C: "Who is it that Struck You?"
39 Josephus on the Sadducees and Menander
40 The Jewish-Christian Schism
41 Abraham and the Upanishads

List of Sources
List of Illustrations
Selected Bibliography

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