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With Jesus In Jerusalem: His First and Last Days in Judea
Bargil Pixner

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Format: Paperback, 185pp.
Pub. Date: 1996

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From The Publisher:

Bargil Pixner's long awaited follow-up to his excellent "With Jesus Through Galilee According to the Fifth Gospel."

We are at the roots of our faith. Two thousand years made us completely forget that Jesus was a Jew, as were the Apostles. Archaeological investigations as well as contemporary and biblical studies are used to provide us the means to get to know the people of that time in their environment, coordinating today's places with the biblical texts of those times.

Recent excavations and discoveries shed new light on contemporary groups such as Natzoreans, Essenes, Pharisees and Sadducees and provide us with new understanding of the life around Jesus.



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About the Author

Father Bargil Pixner was a Benedictine monk of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem. He lived in Israel for over a quarter of a century, half of it at the Sea of Galilee. Among his many activities, he is responsible for introducing the Dormition Abbey's theology students Catholic and Protestant in archaeology and biblical topography.

Table of Contents

1The Mother15
2Jerusalem, Place of Annual Pilgrimage33
3Critical Autumn Days in Jerusalem49
4Commencement of the Passion Week73
5The Night of Passover91
6The Religious Trial Against Jesus107
7The Political Trial Before Pilate121
8The Crucifixion137
9The Resurrection151
Historical Folding Map
The Land of Israel all along the Jordan

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