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Ancient Judaism
Max Weber
Don Martindale (Editor) Hans H. Gerth (Translator)

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Format: Paperback, 484pp.
ISBN: 0029341302
Publisher: Free Press
Pub. Date: June 1962

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From The Publisher:

The essays on Ancient Judaism appeared between 1917 and 1919. They represent decades of study of Mediterranean antiquity and the great world religions. According to Weber, the world historical importance of Judaism is not exhausted by the fact that it fathered Christianity and Islamism. It compares in historical significance to Hellenic intellectual culture, Roman Law, the Roman Catholic church resting on the Roman concept of office, the medieval estates, and Protestantism.

New relations are perceived between old facts when Weber brings the varied talents of jurist, economist, historian, linguist and philosopher to the task of integration.


"No one who has occupied himself with the study of Israelite culture can fail to admire the great sweep, the prevailing accuracy, and the true sensitivity of Weber's sociological analysis"


readers index
Reader's Index

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About the Author

Polymathic and enormously influential, Max Weber is known among other things for his analysis of modernity as a process of rationalization and disenchantment, and for his "realist" emphasis on the charismatic nature of political leadership.

Table of Contents

IThe Social Structure and Its Setting
1Prefatory Note: the Sociological Problem of Judaic Religious History
2General historical and Climatic Conditions
3The Bedouins
4The Cities and the Gibborim
5The Israelite Peasant
IIThe Gerim and the Ethic of the Patriarchs
1The Plebeian Strata
2The Pre-Exilic Metic
3Herdsman and Peasant
4The Ethic in the Time of the Patriarchs
IIIThe Social Laws of the Israelite Legal Collections
1The Laws as an Index to Social Development
2Social Law of the Israelite Collections
3The Berith
4The Yahwe Confederacy and its Organs
IVWarfare and War Prophecy
1Holy War, Circumcision, Nazarites
2The Nebiim
3Nabi Ecstacy and Prophecy
4Changing Forms of Prophecy
VSocial Significance of the War God of the Confederacy
1Uniqueness of the Relation of Israel to its God
2The Nature of the War God
3Social Reception of the War God
4Non-Yahwistic Cults
VICultic Peculiarities of Yahwism
1The Sabbath
2Baal and Yahwe: The Idols and the Ark
3Sacrafice and Expiation
VIIPriests and the Cult Monopoly of Jerusalem
1The Levites and the Torah
2The Development of the Priesthood and the Cult Monopoly of Jerusalem
3The Fight of Yahwism against Orgiasticism
VIIIForms of Israelite Intellectuality in the Pre-Prophetic Era
1The Israelite Intellectuals and the Neighboring Cultures
2Mesopotamian Culture Relations
3The Yahwistic and Elohistic Intellectual Traditions
IXEthics and Eschatology of Yahwism
1Magic and Ethics
2Mythologies and Eschatologies
XIntercultural Relations in Pre-Exilic Ethics
1Substantive Content of Jewish Ethics
2The Ethic of the Decalogues and the Book of the Dead
3Economic Ethic
XISocial Psychology of the Prophets
1Political Orientations of Pre-Exilic Prophecy
2Hellenic and Judaic Prophecy
3.Established Authority versus the Prophets
4Status Orientations and Inner-Political Attitudes
5Social Context of the Prophetic Message
6Psychological Peculiarities of the Prophets
XIIThe Ethic and Theodicy of the Prophets
1The Prophetic Ethic
2The Eschatology and Prophets
XIIIThe Pariah Community
1The Development of Ritualistic Exiles
2The Dualism of In-Group and Out-Group Morality
XIVThe Exile
1Babylonian and Egyptian Exiles
2Ezekiel and Deutero-Isaiah
3The Priests and the Confessional Restoration after the Exile
XVSects and Cults of the Post-Exile Period
1Pharisaism as Sect Religiosity
2The Rabbis
3Teaching and Ethic of Pharisaical Judaism
XVIJudaism and Early Christianity
1Essenism in Relation to the Teachings of Jesus
2Increasing Ritualistic Segregation of the Jews
3Proselytism in the Diaspora
4Propaganda of the Christian Apostles
Map, Location of Historic Places
Glossary and Index
1. Subjects
2. Persons
3. Places and Countries

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