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The Holy Land: Yesterday and Today
Lithographs and Diaries by David Roberts RA, text by Fabio Bourbon

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Format: Hardcover, 272pp.
ISBN: 9774243919
Publisher: The American University in Cairo Press
Pub. Date: June 1999

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Holy Land

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From The Publisher:

During the first months of 1839, David Roberts toured the Sinai Peninsula, Petra, Jerusalem, Palestine, the coasts of Lebanon, and Baalbec, returning to England to produce a series of moving and delightful lithographs detailing the region's splendors.

As with the companion volume, Egypt: Yesterday and Today, this oversized, full-color volume contains the original plates of the first edition, arranged for the first time in chronological order, with commentary and extracts from Roberts' journal. Each illustration by Roberts, moreover, is paired with a photograph that depicts the same subject and setting more than a century and a half later. The Holy Land offers an unforgettable taste of Roberts' technical and artistic virtuosity. This is a stirring form of time travel, in search of new, yet ancient, discoveries in one of the most fascinating regions on the face of our planet.

246 color illustrations, 10" x 14"


David Roberts was one of the most highly acclaimed landscape artists of the 19th century. In 1839, he undertook an adventurous journey across the Sinai Peninsula to Petra, Jerusalem, and Palestine, along the Lebanese coasts, and to the mysterious Baalbec. The lithographs based on the sketches executed during the remarkable exploration of the Holy Land won him a fame that endures to this very day. The Holy Land is an oversized full-color volume presenting Roberts' original plates arranged in chronological order with commentary and extracts from his journals. Moreover, each illustration is paired with a photograph that depicts the same composition and setting, nearly 150 years later. The Holy Land is a stirring form of time travel, in search of new, yet ancient, discoveries from one of the most fascinating regions on earth. Highly recommended!
—Midwest Book Review

This magnificent, large-format album reproduces in jewel-like color the 123 lithographs resulting from an 1839 journey of Scottish landscape artist David Roberts (1796-1864) through Egypt, Palestine and Syria. Picturesque yet precisely detailed, these often breathtaking lithographs were made from Roberts's travel sketches by Belgian artist Louis Haghe between 1842 and 1849. The lithographs conjure the Holy Land as both a crossroads of civilization and a place where time stands still. Roberts recorded settings connected to the Bible, including Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem and Mount Sinai. He also captured realistic views of monasteries, Bedouin sheiks and places like the ancient Lebanese port of Tyre and the spectacular Syrian city of Baalbec, with its Roman ruins. With each plate comes commentary by Italian journalist Bourbon, a brief excerpt from Roberts's travel journals and a contemporary photograph of the site taken by photojournalist Attini, revealing astonishing continuities over a century and a half. (Aug.)
—Publisher's Weekly

About the Author

The Scottish artist, David Roberts (1796-1864) was the first British artist to sketch the fantastic monuments of ancient Egypt. In the course of two and a half months in 1838, travelling some 800 miles south from Cairo, David Roberts recorded the monumental temple sites along the Nile in more than a hundred sketches. In 1839 he undertook the second part of his journey, leaving Cairo in the company of two friends, travelling through Suez, Mount Sinai and Petra, and continuing on up through the Holy Land and into modern day Lebanon. Having visited the most remarkable places from Dan to Beersheba, he finally returned home after some eleven months. The lithographs taken from the sketches he made during that remarkable journey of exploration in the Holy Land, and published in London by Francis Graham Moon between 1842 and 1849, assured him a fame that has lasted to the present day. Preparing the plates for production took almost eight years.

Customer Reviews

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A Great Buy September 03, 2007
Reviewer: Rosanne from Brooklyn NY United States
This is one of the greatest books I have seen in a long time. I am a Christian and this book is like stepping into the Bible, like I was there when it was all happening. I am learning Hebrew and I have developed a passion for Israel so this book has increased my desire to visit there someday. I think every Christian and everyone who has an eye for breathtaking landscapes and rich history should own a copy.

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