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Zion: City of Our God
Richard S. Hess & Gordon J. Wenham

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Format: Paperback, 206pp.
ISBN: 080284426X
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: June 1999

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From The Publisher:

For three thousand years Jerusalem has held a special place in the lives of Jews and Christians. Zion - City of Our God explores the key Old Testament texts that speak to Jerusalem's historical and theological importance, showing that a knowledge pf the city is essential not only for interpreting the Old Testament but also for understanding Jerusalem's role in Jesus' day and in our own.

Zion - City of Our God gathers studies by an international team of scholars that help portray the full significance of Jerusalem in the First Temple period of the Old Testament. John M. Monson explores Jerusalem's temple of Solomon in its original ancient Near Eastern context. Richard H. Hess looks at exilic Jerusalem - Sennacherib's attack on the city. Martin J. Selman and Gary N. Knoppers outline the theological significance of Jerusalem in the books of Chronicles, providing as well a summary statement on the key role of the city in the entire Old Testament. Thomas Renz examines the Zion tradition as it underwent its greatest challenge, the fall of Jerusalem. Philip E. Satterhwaite and Knut M. Heim describe Jerusalem's place in the poetry of the Hebrew Bible, giving special attention, respectively, to the Songs of Ascents and Lamentation. Lastly, Rebecca Doyle discusses what Ugaritic, Old Testament, and other texts tell us about the cult of Molek and the worship of this god in Jerusalem.

Approaching its subject from a variety of fascinating angles, this volume will broaden the perspectives of students in disciplines ranging from theology to modern cultural studies.


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Reader's Index

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Table of Contents

Zion, City of Our God
The Temple of Solomon: Heart of Jerusalem
Hezekiah and Sennacherib in 2 Kings 18-20
Jerusalem in Chronicles
Jerusalem at War in Chronicles
The Use of the Zion Tradition in the Book of Ezekiel
Zion in the Songs of Ascents
The Personification of Jerusalem and the Drama of Her Bereavement in Lamentations
Molek of Jerusalem?

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