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Jerusalem: An Archaeological Biography
by Hershel Shanks

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Format: Hardcover, 256pp.
ISBN: 0679445269
Publisher: Random House
Pub. Date: October 1995

Book Information:
Table of Contents
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From The Publisher:

Jerusalem: An Archaeological Biography traces the turbulent history of the Holy City on the 3,000th anniversary of its establishment by King David as the capital of Israel. From the dsicoverty of the crucified heel of a young first-century Jewish rebel (the nail is still embedded in the bone) to the search for King David's tomb, archaeology and biblical history are brought to life in thrilling detail.

The reader will follow archaeologists as they discover where Jesus was buried, what Solomon's Temple looked like, and how David captured the city. You will meet the great builders of Jerusalem King Hezekiah, who built the famous water tunnel that saved the city from an Assyrian siege; andt he cruel Herod, who wantonly murdered his wife and children and sought to satisfy his megalomania through vast building projects. Herod built the Temple and doubled the size of the Temple Mount, turning it into the largest site of its kind in the ancient world.

Here, too, is the painful evidence of the city's repeated destruction by the Babylonians, led by the rapacious Nebuchadnezzar, and then by the Romans, under Titus. With archaeologist you will uncover the body of young woman who fell as she tried to flee her tumbling house, and arrowheads from the Babylonian siege, preserved intact for nearly 2,500 years.

This comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-the-minute account debunks many long-standing theories: Solomon's Stables were not built by Solomon, nor were they a stable, and the Garden of Gethsemane, where Judas betrayed Jesus and where Jesus was arrested, was not a garden but a cave.

Jerusalem: An Archaeological Biography is like a visit to Jerusalem, and more instructive: 200 full-color pictures lead the reader through a clear and fascinating text filled with little-known details. This authoritative book is the perfect introduction to the Holy City.

Table of Contents

Jerusalem Time Line
I. Jerusalem Before the Israelites
II. How David Conquered Jerusalem
III. The Fortress of Zion and the Puzzle of the Millo
IV. The Tombs of David and Other Kings of Judah
V. King Solomon and the Lord's House
VI. The Capital of the Kingdom of Judah
VII. The Babylonians Destroy the City and Burn the Temple
VIII. Jerusalem During the Exile and Return
IX. Hellenistic and Hasmonean Jerusalem
X. Herodian Jerusalem
XI. The Jerusalem of Jesus
XII. The Second Jewish Revolt and Aelia Capitolina
XIII. Byzantine Jerusalem
XIV. Moslem and Crusader Jerusalem
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