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Jesus and the Fundamentalism of His Day
William R. G. Loader

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Format: Paperback, 156pp.
ISBN: 080284796X
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: January 2001

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From The Publisher:

This provocative work is certain to stir as much discussion as any recent book in the field of Jesus studies. Seeking a correct understanding of Jesus’ views on the authority of Scripture, William Loader examines the diverse ways in which the Gospel writers and their forebears portray Jesus’ use of the Law.

In Jesus and the Fundamentalism of His Day Loader investigates each of the four Gospels as well as the major streams of tradition that stand behind them. What emerges from this fascinating study is a diverse range of interpretations of Jesus. Mark depicts a Jesus prepared to jettison some parts of biblical law. Matthew and Luke, following “Q,” portray a Jesus who remained fully observant of the Torah and made his impact through the placement of emphasis. John, by contrast, has Jesus assume the qualities of divine law within himself, never disparaging its requirements though for him they are no longer in force. Loader sets these diverse pictures of Jesus side by side, highlighting both their similarities and their differences and exploring the implications of his study for interpreting Scripture today.

A challenging work with great consequence for Christian living today, Jesus and the Fundamentalism of His Day will engage teachers, ministers, and all general readers interested, like Jesus, in reading the Bible with an eye to its contemporary relevance.


In this new work, as in all his writings, Loader proves himself a judicious scholar with a profound command of the secondary literature in the field.
—John P. Meier

William Loader has written the book we all need. In our time of rapid change he looks back to Jesus and the Gospel traditions to find guidance for our approach to Scripture. How did Jesus assess the traditions he received? How did his earliest interpreters? Loader’s study points the way forward for all who have a passion for the givenness of our Christian past and the exhilarating experience of the present.
—Francis J. Moloney, SDB


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About the Author

William R. G. Loader is Professor of New Testament and head of the School of Social Inquiry at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Among his other books are The Christology of the Fourth Gospel, and The Johannine Epistles.

Table of Contents

People Matter Most, Not Laws
Dispensing with Externals
Dispensing with Nothing, but Getting the Priorities Right
Radical Obedience to God's Law
Radical Commitment to People in Need and to Israel
Sole Loyalty to Life and Truth
Interpreting Scripture Today
For Further Reading147
Scripture Reference Index152

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