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Priests, Prophets, Diviners, Sages: A Socio-Historical Study of Religious Specialists in Ancient Israel
Lester L. Grabbe

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Format: Paperback, 261pp.
ISBN: 156338132X
Publisher: Trinity Press International
Pub. Date: October 1995

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From The Publisher:

In this book Professor Grabbe undertakes the first serious analysis of the interactive roles of religious specialists in ancient Israel.

The first portion of the book focuses on the problems of historical and sociological study, especially the crucial problem of whether the text reflects an actual historical society. Then follows studies of the five main forms of religious specialists considered as Weberian "ideal types," that is, as if each existed in pure form in society. Cross-cultural parallels elsewhere in the ancient Near East and, in some cases, from modern anthropological studies are examined, ending with a composite picture of the various specialists and how they related to one another.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction
Aims of the Study
Problems of Historical Reconstruction
The Nature of the Sources
Can We Get Past the Problem of the Text?
How the Method Works
The Contribution of the Social Sciences
The Method of Proceeding
Preliminary Conclusions about the Text and Society
Chapter 2 The King
Selected Old Testament Texts
The King in the Old Testament Text
Kingship in the Ancient Near East
The King as a Cult Figure
The Religious Gestalt of the King
Chapter 3 Priests
Selected Old Testament Texts
The Priesthood in the Old Testament Text
Cross-Cultural Parallels
The Jerusalem Priesthood
Priests at Other Sites
The Place of the High Priest
Women in the Cult
The Gestalt of the Priest
Chapter 4 Prophets
Selected Old Testament Texts
The Prophet in the Old Testament Text
Cross-Cultural Parallels
The Problems of Definition
Modes of Revelation
Chapter 5 Diviners, Healers, and Others
Selected Old Testament Texts
The Diviner in the Old Testament Text
Cross-Cultural Parallels
Introduction to Divination
Spirit Divination and Prophecy
The Cult of the Dead
Dreams and Dreamers
The Gestalt of the Diviner
Chapter 6 The Wise
Selected Old Testament Texts
The Wise According to the Old Testament Text
The Wise in the Ancient Near Eastern Texts
The Problem: Who Were the Wise?
Wisdom and Apocalypticism
The Gestalt of the Wise
Chapter 7 From Text to Society
Religious Specialists According to the Texts
Cross-Cultural Comparisons
What Did the Society Look Like?
Which Society and When?
Chapter 8 Concluding Essay

Index of Modern Authors
Citation Index

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