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Logos Lesson Builder
Logos Research Systems Inc

1577992032 Retail Price: $59.95
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Format: CD-Rom
ISBN: 1577992032
Publisher: Logos Research Systems Inc
Pub. Date: 2003

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From The Publisher:

Logos Lesson Builder gets you started with more than 500 prepared lessons from InterVarsity Press with thousands of great discussion questions. From this foundation, Lesson Builder helps you create a well planned lesson that is a pleasure to teach, and at the same time offers you an unparalleled flexibility to add your own material and thoughts, or to rearrange questions and add life application. Logos Lesson Builder also gives you the flexibility to add your own clip art, Bible texts, graphics, maps, and more; to make your lessons really stand out. And if you already use automated Bible study tools like Logos Bible Atlas, Logos Bible Clips, or an electronic Bible reference library like the Logos Library System, you can cut-and-paste quotations, maps and graphics directly into your customized lesson.

Logos Lesson Builder will help you organize ideas and design challenging questions for active student participation. It will assist you in structuring a well-designed, interesting, and informative lesson featuring just the right amount of student interaction. It will allow you to use completely written lessons, or modify existing lessons to customize them to the age and needs of your particular audience. Logos Lesson Builder can even guide you throughout the entire process of creating several different styles of lessons from scratch. Once the lesson is designed, Logos Lesson Builder will print out attractive, professional looking lesson handouts and teacher's guides.


  • Create a Lesson in Three Easy Steps!
  • Create your own materials, and add your own lessons to the lesson resource tree.
  • Customize your lessons with graphics, Bible text and clip art.
  • Import verses with customized links to Logos Bible Software. (Windows Only)
  • Print a separate copy of the leader's notes and the students notes to keep your lessons on track.
  • Customize lesson materials to stress important topics and denominational distinctions.
  • Add additional lessons in the future from a growing library of resources.
  • Enjoy unlimited free technical support.
  • Design better lessons with helpful templates and layout styles.
  • Send your lessons home with your students.
  • Print out professional looking handouts in advance to let your students prepare for your lesson.
  • Link to your Logos Library System electronic library and research your lessons for any level of detail you desire. (Windows Only)

Included as a Free Bonus for Windows 95/NT Users!

  • FREE Logos Library System viewer
  • FREE King James Version Bible
  • FREE Electronic edition of Starting & Ending a Small Group
  • FREE Electronic edition of Leading Bible Discussions

Windows Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT
  • Double-speed or better CD-ROM
  • 8 Megs of Memory (16 Megs recommended)
  • 20 Megs of Hard Drive Space

Logos Lesson Builder comes with a limited license to print IVP lessons. There are no limits on your own lessons.


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