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While the video demo is loading scroll to the bottom of this page to read over just a few of the thousands of endorsements we have received for Logos Bible Software Series X. When you hear the audio kick in, just scroll back up to the top of this page to watch the video.

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"If you have ever dreamed of a full-time research assistant, I've discovered one who has memorized every major reference book, mastered every Greek and Hebrew textual tool, knows every answer to any Biblical question, prepares background information in a split second, never goes on holiday, and always gives you more than you could have hoped for-- meet the new Logos Bible Software Series X - Scholar's Library based on the Libronix Digital Library System. Try it once and you'll be hooked for life!"

- Dr. Bruce Wilkinson
Prayer of Jabez author

"My staff and I are in Bible study bliss! Turning Point Ministries recently spent a day being trained on Logos Bible Software Series X. I am a computer neophyte and was not looking forward to a few hours of 'tech training" -- whoever scheduled this was going to hear from me. But my apprehension quickly passed as we were captivated by this amazing new technology. What used to take me months in page-flipping can now be done with the click of a mouse. You owe it to yourself to find out how Logos can bring a new level of excitement and scholarship to your time in the Word."

- Dr. David Jeremiah
President, Turning Point Ministries

"This will revolutionize your Bible study. Logos has launched Bible study into outer space and there is nothing that compares with this system. I don't normally endorse things but every Christian should have this."

- Josh McDowell
Author and speaker

"For the first time in the history of Precept Ministries International, I have an unparalleled research team at my fingertips -- Logos Bible Software Series X. I'm stunned by its genius, thrilled that it's easy to use - and so grateful to our Father for those who caught and executed the vision for this incredible Bible software.

"I don't want anyone to neglect studying the Bible inductively - discovering truth for themselves - slowing down, meditating on the Word, falling more and more in love with God. And if we don't neglect this, Logos can be an awesome way to expand all understanding of the Word through the scholarship of others."

- Kay Arthur
CEO and Co-founder
Precept Ministries International

"I had never been able to make the 'leap' to computer software programs for my Bible study, preferring to use 'real books'--until I was introduced to Logos Bible Software Series X. This tool has been a huge help in my personal study of God's Word, in my writing, and in teaching the Word to others. The Logos Scholar's Library allows me to go deeper than ever in mining the riches of God's Word and is a great time-saver. This amazing resource is not just for Bible teachers and scholars--it is a treasure for lay men and women who want to know God in a more intimate way through the study of His Word."

- Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Author and speaker, Revive Our Hearts

"WOW!!! The all-new Logos Bible Software Series X is in a class all by itself! I thought I had Bible software until I used Series X. It is amazing. Logos is the research assistant that I have been looking for. Hours of biblical research can be conducted with the simple click of a mouse. Series X will prove to be in invaluable resource and tool for Family Life to continue ministering to the needs of families worldwide for generations to come."

- Dennis Rainey
President, FamilyLife

"Yesterday morning, Dennis and Barbara Rainey and I had an amazing three hours with Scott Lindsey [Logos trainer] who gave us a whirlwind tour of your software. Now, 24 hours later, I'm still trying to cancel meetings or activities so I can spend time in Logos!

"It's amazing.

"For the past ten years or so, I've been using my PC Study Bible, and it has been a helpful, dependable tool - kind of like my family sedan. What Scott took us for a test drive is some kind of combination Ferrari, Hummer and Lexus...This Sunday, when I teach my adult class at church, our members will be beneficiaries of your work. Thanks for all you do."

- Bob Lepine
Co-host of FamilyLife Today

"Most pastors throughout the world will never be given an opportunity to study and prepare themselves for full time pastoral ministry. In the future, all the seminaries and Bible colleges in the world combined can train only a small percentage of pastors needed to prepare students for full - or part-time Christian ministry. The #1 Bible software company, Logos Research Systems, is meeting a critical need among ministers who take seriously the studying of the Word of God. I highly recommend for every pastor to consider purchasing their latest software version. When you obtain your copy of this incredible software you will find the most innovative approaches to studying God's Word. You will not be disappointed."

- Bill Bright, Founder
Chairman of Campus Crusade for Christ

"Logos Bible Software is a magnificently rich resource for all students of the Bible. How I wish such a library had been available at my fingertips during my Seminary days! Whether you are a pastor preparing sermons, a Bible scholar writing academic treatises, or a housewife doing personal Bible study, you will find these tools invaluable -- and wonderfully convenient to use."

- John MacArthur
Pastor/teacher of Grace Community Church, President of Grace to You

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